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What are Catalytic Converters?

does it do what they do.The term Catalytic Converter covers the stainless steel box mounted in the exhaust system. Inside the cover is the catalyst, a ceramic or metallic base with an active coating ... m. The scheme is to create a structure that exposes the maximum surface area of the catalyst to the exhaust flow, while also minimizing the amount of catalyst required.The inside of the catalytic conv ...

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Driving safely in bad weather.

d condition3.Windshield washer has a lot of fluid4.Full tank of gas5.Defroster working6.Muffler and exhaust in good condition7.Antifreeze in radiatorAnother thing you should have to help prepare your ... he end of your key with a match or lighter. Don't pour heated water on a frozen lock.Make sure your exhaust pipe is not clogged with snow. A blocked pipe can cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to leak i ...

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How Acid Rain Affects Plants

s of pollution. Nitrous oxides are gases are produced from burning fossil fuels, for example a cars exhaust system.What is the damage? Acid rain causes damage to lakes by causing lakes to become acidi ...

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Mc Donals

es subwoofers. Everyone would turn heads and look at the speeding black Supra with his flow masters exhaust system rumbling loudly. The car been added a few features to boost the horsepower like a new ...

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P75/LS ecu Intake: GSR stock cone filter and tube (no airbox), LS intake manifold, 64mm TB Ex: GSR exhaust manifold, test pipe, Greddy BL exhaust Comments: 128hp to the wheels is rougly 150hp to the ... he engine is rated only 126 hp flywheel. The increase in power can probably be accounted to the GSR exhaust manifold, free flow exhaust and the LS intake manifold. The stock cast GSR exhaust manifold ...

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Not Twin Turbo, Super-Turbocharged

into the compression chamber. The amount of pressure is measured is PSI. When the piston is on the exhaust stroke it forces the air out of the cylinder and into the exhaust system. The turbo on the e ... t system. The turbo on the exhaust is connected to the turbo on the intake manifold by a shaft. The exhaust gasses spin the exhaust turbo which then makes the intake turbo spin and create pressure. Th ...

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