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The Factory Chicken Farming Industry

e and they try very hard to keep that image. The truth is Farming has evolved into an assembly line factory system at the expense of living creatures. According to Mercy for Animals, an organization t ... hese 10 billion chickens are treated as if they were raw food materials not worthy of a decent life.Factory farms use chickens for two things, meat and eggs. Chickens that are raised for meat are take ...

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History of the animal rights Group

, hunting for pleasure, and the raising of livestock in restrictive or inhumane quarters, so-called factory farming. Concern for inhumane treatment of animals has led many supporters of the movement t ...

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The Perils of Factory Farming

1GartzmanOlivia GartzmanDallas, MerrittEn 102-04320 March 2013The Perils of Factory Farming.Have you ever thought about the idea of animal farming operations, specifically rega ... ings are bombarded with antibiotics that are in the chicken and eggs that we eat when we are buying factory farmed poultry, our immune systems are affected as our bodies are getting used to the antibi ... susceptible to antibiotics. Being introduced to the many differences between free-range farming and factory farming, including public health issues, water, air and land quality, and the difference in ...

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