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A Report on the issues surrounding the Green Revolution

The Green Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, with its package of improved seeds, farm technology, better irrigation and chemical fertilizers, was highly successful at meeting its pr ... r used in India dropped by two-thirds during the Green Revolution years."(Lessons) Green Revolution farming methods depend heavily on chemical fertilizers that do not maintain the soil's natural ferti ... that do not maintain the soil's natural fertility and because pesticides generate resistant pests, farmers need ever more fertilizers and pesticides just to achieve the same results, which have led t ...

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Agriculteral Pollution

hat everyone should cut back on pollution with reduction and prevention, so why should this exclude farmers? Farming is a leading cause of water pollution today. Industry thought they could get away w ... ade illegal for factories to dump their waste into the water or bury it. Now it is time to stop the farmers and educate them about how their farmicides are detrimental to the environment and also teac ...

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Mission,Vision and Values

sed, real-time charts, quotes and news powered by award-winning analytics tools and a unique server farm technology. In July 2001, the company launched, through TradeStation Securities, the TradeStati ...

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