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Wal-Mart International

stretch their dollars and afford things they otherwise couldn't." -W. Michael Cox, Chief Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas,The New York Times, December 2003.Wal-mart is as synonymous with dail ...

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Immigration and Immigrants

we wouldn't have been growing as quickly without immigration," says Pia Orrenius, researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. I believe this is the same situation that the Americans are facing a ...

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Diffrent types of unemployment and the possible demand side and supply side policies

nt impacts on decreasing unemployment by changing aggregate demand in the short term (Mankiw, 2007; Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, nd). According to Freebairn and Dawkins (2003), it is clear that exp ... d Hinde, 2007). To make things simple, we take the use of monetary policy by American central bank, Federal Reserve, as an example. Firstly, the Fed should acknowledge the economic situation to decide ...

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Financial market

ng has seen these budget deficits rapidly decline as tax revenues from the rising economy rise. The federal budget deficit is expected to narrow down to approximately $514 in the 2014 fiscal year as c ... During the financial crisis of 2008, short term nominal interest rates were lowered to zero as the Federal Reserve expanded its portfolio of long-term securities to spur economic growth, avoid inflat ...

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