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Report on experiment determining the percentage of copper in the copper ore malachite.

hite will be four percent.Materials: 2 x 250mL beaker, pestle, malachite, sulfuric acid, water, 2 x filter paper, funnel, filter stand,Safety Precautions: Wear safety glasses at all times when dealing ... ere is no sign of further reaction add about 10mL of water to the mixture. Allow to settle and then filter into the other 250mL beaker. Rinse the residue remaining in the beaker with 10mL of water and ...

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Title: Separation by Filtration and Crystallisation. The first year 11 Chem prac write up... the structure is at least correct... :p

Aim: To separate substances by the properties of filtering and crystallisation.Apparatus and Chemicals: - balance.- 100mL-beaker (2).- Filter funnel ... unsen, Tripod and gauze mat.- Watch glass.- Glass rod.- 100mL Beaker (2)- 25mL graduated cylinder.- Filter paper- Boiling Chips- Matches- NaCl/C mixture (sodium chloride/Charcoal 4g.)- NaCl/CuCl^2 mix ... ixture into a 100mL beaker. Add about 15mL of distilled water. Stir for about 2 minutes.2. Set up a filter funnel. Into it place the filter paper, folded into a fluted pattern, and stand. [As in figur ...

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Testing for Macromolecules

ples.Methods and Materials:For materials, please refer to p.18 in Biology 11 (replace Sudan IV with filter paper)For procedures, please refer to p.18-19 (except Part C)For Part C in Inv. 1A, please re ... except Part C)For Part C in Inv. 1A, please read the following procedures:1.Label sample 1-6 on the filter paper2.Add one drop of each sample corresponding to their number indicated on the filter pape ...

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Chemisty review on mass/matter and seperating mixtures

er is 100c or212 f.- SI unit- Kelvin K= c + 273, C= K - 273Separating MixturesI-Filtration- funnel, filter paper, ex. Water and sandII-Chromatography paper- separates liquids by pigments and densityII ...

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Lab Repot of Decomposition Reaction Between Iron and Copper (II) Chloride

eaction for at least one night.ⅵ) After leaving the reaction for a night; measure the mass of filter paper and then filter the solution.ⅶ) Then, take out the nails with the tweezers and ri ... ut the copper from the nails with a water bottle.ⅷ) Since the unreacted iron and the copper + filter paper are wet; we will need to put these inside the oven.ⅸ) After the unreacted iron an ...

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Quantitative preparation of a salt and yield calculation.

g cylinder (200ml ±0.1ml)- 2 Beakers (250ml ±0.1ml) & larger one- Filter paper- Scale- Funnel- Bunsen burner- Heat prove mat- ... the Sulphuric Acid is the limiting agent which mean.5. While still warm and using a larger beaker, filter the solution and wash off the residue. Do this with the funnel on a stand so no residue leeks ...

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IB Chemistry: Grade 12: Practical 1: Stoichiometry Quantitative Preparation of a Salt and Yield Calculation

ml 2M dilute sulphuric acid250ml beaker (x2) (± 0.05 cm")Bunsen burnerCopper (II) oxideFunnelFilter papersScale (± 0.0005 g)Clamp standMethod:A measuring cylinder was taken, and used to ... Bunsen burner but not allowed to boil.Copper (II) oxide was added until in excess.The solution was filtered while still hot, and the residue was washed off.The resulting copper (II) sulphate solution ...

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Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Plant Food.

of mass. Gravimetric analysis involves isolation of an ion in solution by a precipitation reaction, filtering, washing the precipitate free of contaminants, conversion of the precipitate to a product ... re for 15 minutes to complete the precipitation.6. Collect the precipitate on a preweighed piece of filter paper.7.Obtain a filter paper and fit it into the glass funnel. Wet the paper with distilled ...

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Pill Bug Lab Report

hunks of potato-Decaying leaves-Pinch of sow bug food-Choice tray (with cover)-Five pieces of moist filter paper-Four small rocksProcedure1. Place moist filter paper in choice tray (one in each sectio ...

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point of the crystals formed3. To purify a solid by recrystalisation.Apparatus:- Erlenmeyer flask- Filter paper- Short-stemmed funnel- Buchner funnelMaterial:- Benzoic acid- Charcoal- Boiling chipsPr ... ittle water and boiling chips in it was heated. A short-stemmed funnel was rested at its neck and a filter paper was fluted to fit the funnel.A few boiling chips were added to the benzoic acid. Hot wa ...

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Biology Lab Report on the extraction of Chlorophyl from Plant Leaves

als and the fluid was filtrated to use for further analysis. Stripes of this solution were put on a filter paper and later, after dried placed into a beacon of solvent. After this the chloroplast pigm ... a green leaf?It is hoped to be able to identify the four different pigments types of a leaf. As the filter paper with the solvent will separate the pigments in terms of solubility, a clear segmentatio ...

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Melting point lab

s of colored impurities. Meanwhile, prepare the short stem plastic powder funnel, a piece of fluted filter paper, and a clean Erlenmeyer flask to receive the filtrate. Invert the funnel over the Erlen ... s gently boiling to warm the funnel. Place the funnel in the top of the clean flask, add the fluted filter paper, and arrange it to collect the hot filtrate from the recrystallization solution. Withou ...

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centimeters. Then, we measured and recorded it in millimeters.Area Determination 3. The area of the filter paper was 128.7 g/cm3.Use formula"¦pr2 Diameter of the circle was 12.8 cm. I then divi ... to two. Then by fitting the data in the formula, we were able to come up with the area of the round filter paper.Volume Measurement 4. The volume of the largest test tube was 59.7 ml.(59.7ml) x ( 1L. ...

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Isopod Behavior Lab Report

I wrote, "If the pill bugs are in the petri dish with the other chemicals then they will go to the filter paper where the sugar is more so then the other filter paper that has chemicals on it". I cho ... , I was better able to make my decision on my hypothesis.Materials:4 Pill BugsPetri Dish2 Pieces of Filter PaperPen or pencilDropperClockWaterSalt SolutionSugar SolutionVinegarNotebook (eg. Data-table ...

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Experiment: Galvanic Cells

with50mL each of the corresponding electrolyte solution to the metal being tested. Fold a piece of filterpaper into a strip. Dip this completely into potassium nitrate solution and squeeze out any ex ... 1× voltmeter- 2 × leads- 2 × crocodile clips- 2 × 50ml beakers- 30 × filter paper- 10 × copper electrode- 100mL of 1 M copper(II) sulfate (CuSO4)- 10 × zinc ...

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Newborn Screening in Ohio

botomist pricking your baby's heel and then a few drops of the baby's blood are placed on a special filter paper. The paper is alloed to dry and then sent to the laboratory where several different tes ...

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Lab Write Up For Separation by Filtration and Crystallization

sodium chloride/charcoal and sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixtures.Equipment requiredBalanceFilter funnel standFilter funnelBunsen, tripod and gauze matWatch glassGlass rodBeakers (two 100mL)G ... funnelBunsen, tripod and gauze matWatch glassGlass rodBeakers (two 100mL)Graduated cylinder (25 mL)Filter paper (Whatman No. 1—three 12.5 cm sheets)Sodium chloride/charcoal mixture (4 g)Sodium c ...

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Aldol Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

solvent used was not too much. The crystal was also wasted in the Erlenmeyer flask and some on the filter paper used to dry it.IR analysisThe IR result from this experiment shows no significant stret ...

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Newborn Screening - A Primer

hours and then are retested one to two weeks later. Either way, the sample is placed on a piece of filter paper to dry for four to six hours and then is sent to a laboratory for analysis. The benefit ...

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Focal occult blood test (FOBT)

roxidase activity of heme in blood and other peroxidases (3). Guaiac gum is saturated on a piece of filter paper. If heme oxidase is present, after hydrogen peroxide has been added to oxidize peroxida ...

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