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The Wonder of the Giant Sequoias

asel diameter (the diameter as measured at the base of the tree). Giant Sequoias are among the most fire, disease, and insect resistant trees known. Several anatomical features, such as bark, cones, a ... le for this tremendous resistance. The thick, fibrous, cinnamon-red bark contains tannin, a natural fire extinguisher, which also is suspected to inhibit wood borers and fungi.. Giant Sequoias can gro ...

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This is a technical product description of a fire extinguisher.

Foam Stored Pressure Fire ExtinguisherIntroductionThe fire extinguisher is a portable device used to put out fires of lim ... uch fires are grouped into four classes, according to the type of material that is burning. Class A fires include those in which ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, and paper are burning. Class ... burning. Class B fires are those in which flammable liquids, oils, and grease are burning. Class C fires are those involving live electrical equipment. Class D fires involve combustible metals such a ...

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uces heat. If the process takes place rapidly, we may see flames or an intense glow which is called fire.Chemically during combustion, two atoms of oxygen from the air combine with one atom of carbon ... oms of oxygen from the air combine with one atom of carbon from the fuel to form carbon dioxide.How Fires Get Extinguished?An understanding of how fires burn is essential if a fire is to be extinguish ...

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Fire Extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers seem to be an interesting & useful topic to learn about. It may help us in th ... because of my own interest to learn about these valuable lessons in life. There are many aspects of fire extinguishers to be known about. I know there are people, who think dealing with the device can ... e they haven't experienced much of it in life, & in my opinion, they should still be notified.A fire extinguisher is a portable device used to put out fires of limited size. Fire needs three thing ...

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The lack of user-centered design in common objects and the over-complication of our world through human invention.

A friend told me of the time he set his mother’s kitchen on fire. The interface was an imposing row of perhaps seven fancy glass-coated stove burners. Accompany ... s to complement his eggs. Then, before he was finished cutting the tomatoes, the whole stove was on fire and the eggs practically disappeared under a cloud of coal-black smoke.He promptly reached for ... d of coal-black smoke.He promptly reached for the fire extinguisher behind the door and put out the fire. Subsequently, his mother came in and gave him a good beating for behaving in such a rambunctio ...

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How does pop culture directly relate to chemistry?

but it is definitely something worth the thought. Have you ever watched movies that involved house fires and wondered, why you should not open a door or window? It's all chemistry my friend. I recent ... or or window? It's all chemistry my friend. I recently watched Endless Love and it involved a house fire scene. The boy opens a window in the room on fire thinking it would blow it out, but no. Instea ...

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