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The Underdogs by Marizno Azuela. Provides a personal view of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 through the eyes of Francisco Villa's personal physician.

reader understands how bitterly disillusioned Azuela had become with the likes of the generals and foot soldiers who turned their noble cause into a pretext for their own personal gain. Thus, the rev ... us, the revolution implodes upon the idealists who gave her birth and, in the end, the generals and foot soldiers of the revolution become consumed by the same base impulses that once fueled their ene ...

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Roman Army

s, {that is, foreigners who serve with the Roman army}.A legion contained heavily armored infantry (foot soldiers). The Roman infantry became a feared force, well disciplined and well trained. Their w ...

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Infantry weapons of world war 2

b machine guns, pistols, and other weapons of world war 2 soldiersEven with tanks and aircraft, the foot soldiers remain an essential element of modern armies, both because there are tasks they do bes ...

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The New Kingdom Army

i. These infantry units were composed of spearmen, archers, axe-bearers, clubmen and slingers. Many foot soldiers lacked adequate armour; some were even without shields. Within the infantry there were ... y were the charioteers or sennyw. Charioteers backed up the infantry by scouting and protecting the foot soldiers from enemy chariot attack. Each chariot was drawn by a pair of horses and was manned b ...

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in the deaths of many innocent civilians.        "Charlie Company was a group of foot soldiers in their late teens and early twenties. Most of them had been drafted, or enlisted a m ...

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rseback. The armies of the European nobles had no such advantage; they were mainly composed of mere foot soldiers that had great difficulty combating the mounted cavalry. As a result of this, the nobl ...

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The Rape Of Nanking

s that happen in the world, The Rape of Nanking ranks up there with the worst of them. Seeing video footage of the Japanese mercilessly killing hundreds of thousands of Chinese people who could not de ... zed Nanking, the cultural and political capital of China. The orders, from the top officials to the foot soldiers, were to burn, rape, and kill. Some say 220,000 people were murdered. Old and young wo ...

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ctured outfit. This terrorist group is based on a chain command, with its captains, lieutenants and foot soldiers. The al Qaeda group has many branches like, finance, operations, infiltration and suic ...

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Knights of the middle ages

Knights of the Middle Ages Knights and foot soldiers had to be strong and good to handle the weapons and armor of the Middle Ages. Bows and ... e Ages. Bows and arrows and long sticks with a blade on the end were the usual weapons of peasants (foot soldiers.) Knights preferred lances and swords and morning stars.Riding at a full gallop on a h ... gallop on a hoarse in the battlefield, a knight tried to knock his opponent to the ground with a 10-foot metal-tipped pole (lance.) On his feet a knight used his sword with a lot of strength and abili ...

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Hannibal 2

ans and Celtiberians from Spain, and Gauls from Spain, France, and Italy.There were ninety thousand foot soldiers, twelve thousand horsemen, and several dozen war elephants. Hannibal used the elephant ...

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The Decline Of Feudalism

ong bow is a trajectory arrow that has enough power to rip through most armor, therefore overcoming foot soldiers (knights). Second gunpowder lead to the creation of cannons which, when used with plan ... to the creation of cannons which, when used with planning, decimated castles of all sizes. Without foot soldiers or castles as a safe haven, warfare was made a significantly hard task. Thus also cont ...

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The Roman Sheer Forces

ng and most likely like professional killing machines.SoldiersMost of the Roman military forces are foot soldiers that originated and come from the Roman citizens itself. They pick the best and the ve ...

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The Battle of Waterloo Why Napoleon Lost the Battle and What He Could Have Done to Win It

the muzzle. A good infantryman could shoot three or four times per minute (Haythornthwaite 71). The foot soldiers or infantry made up a large percent of the armies in the battle of Waterloo. In fact, ...

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"Knightly Warefare" is a research paper specifically about the different weapons and armo that knights may have utilized during the Middle Ages.

Knightly WarfareThe knight was one of three types of fighting men during the Middle Ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. The medieval knight was the equivalent of the modern tank. He was covere ... e equivalent of the modern tank. He was covered in multiple layers of armor, and could plow through foot solders standing in his way. No single foot solders or archer could stand up to any one knight. ...

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