The Rape Of Nanking

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Sam Chung 602-694-468 The Rape of Nanking For all the atrocities that happen in the world, The Rape of Nanking ranks up there with the worst of them. Seeing video footage of the Japanese mercilessly killing hundreds of thousands of Chinese people who could not defend themselves and learn about the inhumane nature of the killings leaves a feeling of anger, even in people who have no connection to the event. From the Bombing to the war trials, this was an international travesty.

In December 1937, the Japanese seized Nanking, the cultural and political capital of China. The orders, from the top officials to the foot soldiers, were to burn, rape, and kill. Some say 220,000 people were murdered. Old and young women were raped. Soldiers used the Chinese as bayonet training specimens, where they would be stabbed multiple times. Even children were not sparred death. All POWs were executed.

The events had the world riddled with anger over the issue of human rights. Nations had condemned the treatment of women, and the massacre of thousands of innocent individuals. To appease the world on the treatment of Chinese women, the Japanese imported thousands of Korean Women, and set up comfort stations, where Japanese soldiers were able to contain their sexual urges. The idea of comfort stations meant nothing of the sort, where Korean women were raped and mistreated.

At the end of World War Two, General MacArthur ordered the capture of all Japanese war criminals however these criminals were not pursued with full strength. China had a communist movement that was gaining power within the country as it struggled to become united. Seeing this, the United States needed Japan as an ally to try to have an influence in the Far East. With this, the United States did not punish...