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IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I'M SAYING, DON'T LISTEN - on right vs. freedom.

The difference between a freedom and a right is that the former is considered to be so important that a law cannot restrict i ... latter is something that the law permits or allows. That being said, what are some of our right and freedoms? A right might be the right to wear the clothes you want or to smoke cigarettes. Some freed ... right might be the right to wear the clothes you want or to smoke cigarettes. Some freedoms are our freedom to live, eat, religion, assembly and the freedom to say whatever's on your mind, including t ...

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The pro's and Con's of Pornography

sk ourselves how far we are willing to go and what we are willing to sacrifice in order to preserve free speech and our rights to personal choice.The argument over pornography is not merely the debate ... ectronic Frontier Foundation, gives a good definition of obscenity in his on-line article: 'Fear of Freedom: The Backlash Against Free Speech on the 'Net''.Everybody more or less knows something about ...

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Censorship: A Growing Issue

affected this issue was the case of Hazelwood v. Khulmeier. This case severely restricted students' free-speech and students' newspaper rights. Although many states are reversing this decision, it rem ... t came previous to this, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District, was a case expanding the freedoms of students in schools. Although, censorship is a big problem there are solutions. One of t ...

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Internet Censorship

ality and alt.tasteless . Unfortunately, censorship of sexually explicit material does not maintain free speech as a fundamental principal in our free and open society. Censorship on the Internet is i ... net is impractical and discriminatory as it can not be universally imposed and hinders intellectual freedom.The Internet has opened the world of computer communications for Canadian university student ...

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Pornography on the Internet, Freedom of Press or Dangerous Influence?

rom the Internet all together.All arguments for an uncensored Internet all cite the basic rights of free speech and press. While arguments in this paper are international, almost everyone of them cite ... e U.S. has set up most global laws and regulations. Almost every article pertaining to the Internet freedom or censorship cites the U.S. and bases arguments on the First Amendment. With this precedent ...

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Internet regulation, Government Intervention of the Internet

to the future of the knowledge society. At present, this net is the epitome of the first amendment: free speech. It is a place where people can speaktheir mind without being reprimanded for what they ... r how they choose to say it. The key to the world-wide success of the Internet is its protection of free speech, not only in America, but in other countries where free speech is not protected by a con ...

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Gun Control in the U.S

asic rights, among them were the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the right of free speech, and most importantly, the right too keep and bear arms in order to protect their famili ...

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Censorship and the First Amendment

The American Citizen's Right to Free SpeechAre we protected from censorship under the First Amendment? In other words do individuals ... truth should be a defense and thus defied the conventional wisdom and ended colonial intrusion into freedom of the press (Harer 21). Since that case, the progression through time has expanded matters ... see today. The founders of the United States government tried to protect this liberty by assuring a free press, to gather and publish information without being under control or power of another, in th ...

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Hate Speech should not be tolerated

ty. In the letter to the editorVartan Gregorian says Brown University has never expelled anyone for free speech, norwill it ever do so. Hentoff opposes Gregorian saying that Doug Hann was expelled for ... for admission or employment at Brown will know what they are gettinginto.Gregorian's commitment to free speech and condemnation of racism andhomophobia are well known from the letter to the editor. T ...

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Speech Codes

s, the deans and administrators of universities, are still busy denying that any effort to restrict free speech exists. The concern over 'political correctness,' they say, is overstated. Such denials ... 'political correctness,' they say, is overstated. Such denials don't alter the clear evidence that freedom of speech is no longer assured at many colleges and universities.We have only to look at sch ...

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Freedom of Speech in Mass Media: Why should it be protected?

All these reflect people in Hong Kong are more eager to express their opinion and more value their freedom of speech than in the past. Freedom of speech is not only being respected in Hong Kong, but ... , but also every part of the world. According to the 'Declaration of Human Right' of United Nation, freedom of speech is an essential part of human right that every human born to have and should not b ...

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Free Speech

Free SpeechBy Adam WalkerMy fellow Americans I wish to discuss the topic of freedom of speech with y ... at acts committed by people should not be permitted because the person claims it is a part of their freedom of speech. As president I wish to end this dispute.One of the more commonly asked questions ...

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Should Amiri Baraka resign? This essay is about the New Jersey poet laurete and whether he should resign

by not giving in and he shouldn't have to resign.America is always been spoken of as a country with free speech. Obviously, the speech here isn't as free as we are told it is. Many people say that we ... he should respect the opinions of people who live there. There can't be an exception to the rule of free speech otherwise there is no rule because it doesn't apply to everyone. Sure, common people hav ...

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The concept of Parrhesia in Antigone, by Sophocles.

The Greek concept of parrhesia, (Foucault 11) a word that is ordinarily translated into English as "free speech," embodies their beliefs. As illustrated through parrhesia, Antigone and Creon are funda ... i.e. self criticism or criticism of other people, and a specific relationship to moral law through freedom and duty. Parrhesia is a dialogue in which the speaker expresses his or her personal relatio ...

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Why we should have unlimited freedom of speech

e editor and publisher of the paper ran a front-page apology for the column.Where does the right to free speech begin and end? In light of the horrific events of Sept. 11, does any American have the r ... yes. But there is an ocean of difference between criticism and adolescent bad-mouthing.The right to free speech comes with the responsibility to express oneself tastefully and with respect. In journal ...

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Censorship: this essay is on an article about the censorship of Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, and whether censorship is moral in general.

udents should learn this lesson.Censorship in general is an awful thing. Although we are guaranteed free speech, there is no point in having free speech if nobody is allowed to listen. There is nothin ...

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Limiting of Civil Liberties

e. Korematsu vs. United States (arguing the constitutionality of FDR's executive order 9066) to the free speech cases, Tinker vs. Des Moines, or Schenck vs. United States. Here, in the middle of a war ... rity is given at the expense of liberty. That is, for one's peace of mind, one must sacrifice one's freedoms. For example, if you wish to protect yourself from people entering your house without conse ...

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"The Nervous Liberals: Propaganda Anxieties from World War I to the Cold War" by Mr. Gary.

ive effects of propaganda consistently resulted in the triumph of national security liberalism over free speech liberalism." Gary's book follows a very predictable pattern, chronological. In covering ... on should have been amended to say that, "the first amendment is hereby null and void." Belief that free speech could greatly interfere with his plan of mass persuasion dampened his mood, I guess.T ...

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Lord of the Flies: the Nature of Governments

the conch governed the community. After Ralph was elected chief by population consensus, he ensures free speech and some degree of protection. Jack was a conflicting character to this government. He r ... sed easily." (Page 133) Jack formed his own tribe by force, and the government drastically changes, free speech and safety were no longer ensured. Roger became the "official tormenter" of the tribe. T ...

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Freedom of Speech.

tification, until today, The Constitution of the United States of America has ensured Americans the freedom to speak their minds and express their opinions. The American Court System; however, has rul ... nd express their opinions. The American Court System; however, has ruled that in certain situations freedom of speech and expression can be limited. A direct contradiction to the Constitution.Congress ...

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