Free Speech

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Free Speech

By Adam Walker

My fellow Americans I wish to discuss the topic of freedom of speech with you. It seems that a great many of us feel that acts committed by people should not be permitted because the person claims it is a part of their freedom of speech. As president I wish to end this dispute.

One of the more commonly asked questions is whether or not flag burning should be legal. I say it should be because I feel we should be allowed to speak out, because I feel we should be allowed to express our feelings toward certain subjects, whether or not it offends another person. I say this because I feel that a great many people do such obscene things because the are holding a grudge against one person, or an organization, not an entire population or a populations beliefs.

I look at some things from a different point of view you'll see what I mean.

Say your watching a riot going on in front of one of the capital buildings and you see them burning an American flag. They aren't burning it because they hate America, for why would they be living here if they did, but they are burning it because they hate the government or a decision the government has just made. Same with doing something to a religious symbol, now while it is hurt full to most, it may just be showing an opinion about a way a person feels about one of the religions beliefs, not necessarily the people in that follow that religion.

In conclusion I wish to state that I believe that all forms of speech should be allowed for not only is it one of our rights, but also because people should be allowed to voice...