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The rococo art movement.

nd aristocrats were moving from the court of Versailles to Paris. The term 'Roccoco' stems from the French word "Rocaille" meaning fanciful rock or shell design, these designs were prominent during th ... shell design, these designs were prominent during the period and decorated the outdoor parks of the French nobility. Roccoco implies a refined, elegant and ornate style and manner.Roccoco directly pro ...

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French Revolution

of dollars were spent to make this. Just the Hall of Mirrors alone symbolizes the lifestyle of the French nobility. This hall was covered from one end to another in mirrors (hence the name "Hall of M ... n with, rain, hail, drought, and the closing of granaries were all causes of inflation (Doc.5). The French were very poor people. Some children didn't have clothes, parents couldn't afford them, so th ...

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late eighteenth century. The title of nobility became for sale, because of the fiscal needs of the French monarchy. The sword (hereditary) nobles became very upset, because they believed that the sel ... the key to becoming nobility, and began buying titles and positions from the financially struggling French monarchy. Money could be used to bypass rules of gaining a title of nobility (doc7.) The Fren ...

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