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4th Nobility DBQ

The nobility of France saw a great change amongst themselves from the late sixteenth century to the late eighteenth century. The title of nobility became for sale, because of the fiscal needs of the French monarchy. The sword (hereditary) nobles became very upset, because they believed that the selling of titles was corrupting their ancient lineage. The sword nobles had controversy with the people buying titles of nobility, known as robe nobles. The concept of nobility in France changed due to conflicting opinions on how someone became a nobleman, which included birth right, military service, money, and being virtuous.

Many people believed that military service to the king was the key to having the title of nobility. A nobleman gains the title of nobility after serving well in his king's army (doc1.) Jean de la Taille is a sword noble, so he wants to see the tradition of nobleman serving in the military continue.

A noble man must be a skilled fighter and dueler (doc5.) The skills of this man may be exaggerated, because this newspaper article is supposed to remind people how great he was. The addition of robe nobles is affecting the sword nobles the ability to serve to lead in the military, and follow the traditional path to becoming nobility (doc11.) As a sword noble and former cavalry colonel Loubert does not want other sword nobles denied the chance to serve in the military, because robe nobles are buying all the positions.

Robe nobles believed that money was the key to becoming nobility, and began buying titles and positions from the financially struggling French monarchy. Money could be used to bypass rules of gaining a title of nobility (doc7.) The French monarchy will grant the title of...