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Do Gays And Lesbians Deserve The Same Rights

Do Gays and lesbians deserve the same rights? Many people can agree that gays and lesbians deserve the ... te in society without legal, social, or political restrictions. Carmen Vasquez who is active in the gay and lesbian movement gives examples of people who were mistreated due to their preference choice ... ifferently by his family, students, and the rest of the towns people when they found out Howard was gay.In the essay "Appearance" Vazquez talks about a 20/20 special, and how because one persons comme ...

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they do pick on them to try and bring up themselves. For example a student who just because he was gay his roommate would not like the idea of him having sexual intercourse with men in their dorm. He ... ld Ryan Patrick who kills himself after months of being harassed through texts messages calling him gay, and he was never able to let it go. Or another girl hung herself because she thought she was ta ...

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