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Jeanette Castro



English 1A



There are many different ways to bully someone now, not just at school or walking home from school, we now have the internet and cell phones to hurt people especially young children. Parents do not realize how much a child is affected by a bully, or the bully's parents do not realize how bad their child is to other kids. Bullying has always been apart of our lives either we have been bullied, was the bully or was a bystander of someone being bullied. Something needs to be changed about this because now kids are not just walking away from it they are beginning to convince themselves that they are the cause for it and now want to commit crimes to themselves or others. What should happen is that the bully should not just get a slap on the hand for hurting someone else but should now get in bigger trouble which is the law if they do not change their ways.

The Bully does not realize how bad they hurt the other person when they mentally or physically hurt them. It causes a lot of damage to them and by an adult not taking on responsibility if they see something like this taking place should be at fault also. We are starting to see on the news more and more how these victims are tired of the bullies and getting help from no one that they are taking their own life thinking it is the only option that will save them from the bulling. That is when people start to notice and change to help but when its already to late. We need to start taking notice now and prevent bulling because if not more children are going to believe that...