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Explore several different aspects of launching a start-up business.

ment companies. The advantage to all three of these are that the sum of money that can be raised is generally higher than what most startup company owners can personally finance, and the investors can ... legal structures:Sole Proprietorship - owned and operated by one person and has unlimited liability.General Partnership - owned by two or more people and has unlimited liability.Limited Partnership - ...

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Legal Issues Paper

urt action can be taken (Barnes, 2003, pg. 328).Principal to Agent DutiesDuties of compensation are generally implied. The agency agreement should specify the compensation amount due once the compensa ... o start a business, this is considered a partnership, and the owners are called partners. There are general partnerships and limited partnerships. A partnership allows two or more individuals to share ...

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Types of Paartnership

share the associated risks and rewards proportionately. There are two main types of partnership the general partnership, the limited partnership, limited liability corp. (LLC) and the limited liabilit ... limited partnership, limited liability corp. (LLC) and the limited liability partnership (LLP).In a general partnership the partners are responsible for managing the company. They also assume the resp ...

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