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Helene Blavatsky.

ly regarded novelist. She wrote under the pen name of Zenaide R. or Zeneide R-Va and was called the George Sand of Russia by Belinsky and other literary critics who regarded her as one of the principa ...

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Frederic Chopin

ano Trio (1829), Cello Senata (1846), and songs Frederic dedicated some of his songs/work to George Sand (1804-1876), and Maria Wodzinska (1819-1896). Frederic proposed to Maria, but her parent ... r, Frederic still dedicated music to other women. Frederic's other flame was a widow by the name of George Sand, she was unhappy in her marriage and she found happiness in Frederic. They lived togethe ...

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"American Beauty" - Film Analysis

George Sand, French romantic writer, hit the nail right on the head when he said this in 1872: Appea ...

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George Sand

re Dupin, née en 1804 et décédée en 1876 et plus connue sous le nom de- George Sand, est une romancière française. Elle commença après sa premi& ... x hommes, ce qu'elle parvint à faire en s'habillant comme un homme. Beaucoup supposaient que George essayait de devenir un homme : en fait, elle se battait contre le stéréotype de ...

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