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Frederic Chopin was born on February 22, 1810, in Zelazowa Wola, a village six miles from Warsaw, Poland. His father, Nicholas Chopin was born in Marianville, eastern France in 1771. He died in 1844. He was mainly a tutor in English, math; etc. the instrument he played was the flute and the violin. His mother Justyna was born in 1782 in Poland and died in 1861. She was a farming girl, well educated, and a homemaker during their marriage. She played the piano. His father and mother got married in June of 1806. Frederic had three sisters and no brothers. His sister's names were Louise, Isabella, and Emilia.

Frederic was in love with music at a young age. He started getting piano lessons when he was six. His teacher was Czech and his name was Wojceich Zywny. He based his teaching on Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. While he was six when he held his first public performance in 1817.

By age seven his first composition was written by his father: the Pollonaise in B Flat major. At age eight, he played at a public charity concert. At age fifteen his first work was published, it was a rondo. At seven-teen he graduated from Lyceum, after he was recognized as the leading pianist of Warsaw and a very talented composer. At nineteen, he held two very successful concerts in Vienna: the unquestionable center of music for that day. Frederic traveled to Austria, Poland, and Russia in the mist of the apparent begging of the war. Later he returned to Warsaw to get his final belongings to get ready for a more permanent move. While he was there gathering his things, his friends gave him a silver goblet filled with polish soil. He kept always as he never was able to return...