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Although that there are numerous ways of interpreting the lyrics of Dylan’s songs, but rather than consider, contemplate, and debate the numerous possible ways of understanding “Like a Rolling Stone,” I have chosen simply to express only my initial understanding; after all, Dylan routinely refused to provide explanation for his songs and their [possible] meanings, so I must assume that he would prefer that a person simply listen to the music, enjoy it, and take what they may from it- let it mean whatever they wish and not attempt to dissect it with over analysis.

Upon reading the verses and listening to the lyrics of Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” it is possible to comprehend the songs story and grasp its general message: a warning of the consequences and risks of getting caught up destructive behaviors and attitudes. Like a stone rolling down a hill, one only gathers momentum in their fall, and inevitably only stops once they have reached rock bottom.

In the song Dylan specifically refers to the naïve use and abuse of drugs by a young woman despite the warnings of her friends, and the horrible consequences of her resulting addiction.

The first stanza of the song introduces us to the impending story and the main character: a young woman who previously was a wealthy, carefree, upper-class citizen but now has been reduced to homelessness and hopelessness due to her own poor decisions and lack of foresight. The first line:Once upon a time you dressed so fineYou threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?Clarifies the girl’s prior superiority to the "bums" in the song and her [prior] monetary wealth and class. The following lines, lyrics:People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall"You thought they were all kiddin' youYou used...