Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, 27 January 1756. Since his yearly years he started showing talents in music. He was five years old when started composing his first music, and at six he had his first concert. People were astonished by the young musician, and soon the news about him spread all over Germany, he becomes famous. The family decided to devote themselves to the talent of their child and started to tour with him around the world. He and his family set out on the tour shortly to other countries like France and England, during which he played for many royal families. After that they get back home where spent a few years and then Mozart goes to Italy where he composes his first more or less famous operas Mitridate, Lucio Silla and serenade.

After that his parents decide that Salzburg is a really small town for such a great composer as Mozart and try to get to Munich, but he does not have any success there.

They go to Paris then and there he does have minor success, but moves back to Salzburg shortly. There he palys and churches and at court for one year, after which goes back to Munich and composed there for a year. Then he was asked to go to Vienna where he was offered work in court, but soon was kicked out for having an argument with one of the royals. For the next few years he stayed in Vienna and made living by teaching music and composing music for court balls. In 1782 he married Constanze Weber. In 1784 was peak of his activity that was the time when he wrote the most of his famous. He stayed in Vienna for the rest of his life where he composed...