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Evaluate the importance of the following in the Spartan System of government;-Kings-Gerousia-Ephors-ApellaAll aspects of the Spartan government was arranged into a hierarchy, with a mi ... h part of the constitution played checks and balances on the other. Initially the two Kings and the Gerousia were the most important powers in Spartan government, but over time the Ephors gained a lot ... government, but over time the Ephors gained a lot more supremacy and dominance. However, the Kings, Gerousia, Ephors, and Apella all play a different role within Spartan society.Kings were the Supreme ...

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"The Spartan life was Spartan indeed"

s a fertility goddessThe Spartans also had a rich political life; we know this from evidence of the Gerousia and other various groups that Spartiates belonged to.Then there is the Gerousia consisting ... ate and they dominate most political business. The kings have no special powers over these men. The Gerousia don't actually pass the laws, they only influence them. This is a paradox, as supposedly th ...

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Ancient History - SPARTA! School assessment task. Includes the short answer responses as well as essay.

amily and Agaidai family. Kingship was passed through the families. The kings were also part of the Gerousia.-The Gerousia; was a ‘council of 30 elders’ which had a great deal of influence i ... s. It was a council of 28 men older than 60, with the addition of the two kings. The purpose of the Gerousia was to prepare proposals for the assembly and to act as a court for the trial of criminal c ...

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Kings of Sparta

tical system. In the political system of Sparta, power was divided among the two kings, Ephors, the Gerousia and the Ekklesia. The kings had seats on the Gerousia, also known as the council of elders. ... This body consisted of 28 over-60 years of age males who held the position for their lifetime. The Gerousia led the Ekklesia, also known as the citizen assembly, probably proposing issues on which to ...

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