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Ancient HistoryHSC Assessment Task OneDue Week 8 Term 4Weight 15%Part A – (15mrks, Weight 5%)Short Answer Response SectionA)Name two Spartan kings –2mrks1.Leotychidas – who was part of the Eurypontidai family.

2.Leonidas – who was part of the Agaidai family.

B)Identify two geographical features of ancient Sparta – 2mrksFour of Sparta’s villages were situated on the Eurotas River which provided Sparta’s water supply.

East of Sparta laid the Parnon Mountain Range, to the North laid the Arcadian Mountain range and to the West was the Taygetus mountain range.

C)Outline the role of the Krypteia in Spartan society – 5mrksYoung Spartan men who had completed there training at the agoge with success, were given the opportunity to test there skills and prove themselves worthy of the Spartan Military Tradition, by participation in the Krypteia, a type of secret police force. Plato felt this may have been part of their military training.

There role was to keep the helots under control by using intimidation and fear. Armed with daggers they would roam the countryside at night, murdering helots at will. It is thought they mainly concentrated on those helots that may try to form a revolt. It has been suggested that this may also have been a “rite of passage”into manhood.

D)Describe the main features of Spartan cultural life –6 mrksSpartan Cultural life consisted of Art, pottery and sculpture, literacy and poetry, religion and myths and legends.

There is evidence until the end of the sixth century that the Spartans created beautiful Laconion pottery which was exported to the Mediterranean usually decorated with such themes as hunting, horse-riding, birds and plants, and the military way of life. Fine bronze work was also completed by the Perokoi.

Whilst it was thought the Spartans may have been illiterate, Plutarch wrote that the women...