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. All signs of motion were non-existant, except for the rhythmic movement of thewater over the five gill slits on either side of it's head. Slowly gaining speed, the shadyfigures unmoving eyes fixed o ... de to side). Thecartilage plays an important role in a sharks survival and buoyancy. Sharks have no gillmuscles so they must continue to swim in order to breathe. They even swim when theyare asleep! O ...

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Abortion and evolution

h a single cell and then multiplies in complexity. During one stage, the human fetus has so-called "gill slits" that seem to represent the "fish stage" in human development. Next, the fetus seems to h ... it is not fully human.A closer examination of this premise reveals scientific error, however. The "gill slits," or pharyngeal pouches, actually become the thymus gland, the parathyroids, and the midd ...

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The Fish

, two large eyes, two external nostrils for smelling and an operculum(a bony plate which covers the gill-slits)one each side of the body.The trunk is bilaterally flattened and covered with dermal scal ... g both plant and animal matter). Herbivores live on phytoplankton (algae) which is held back by the gill rakers as water passes over the gills. Carnivores hunt down their prey and catch it. The prey i ...

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AMPHIBIA: CAUDATA: AMBYSTOMATIDAE This is a species account which talks about the Axolotl's breeding, diet, definition, distribution, Nomenclatural History, fossil record and Etymology.

to 9 inches (23 cm) is common but greater than 12 inches (30 cm) is unusual. Axolotls have external gills as well as a caudal fin extending from behind the head to the vent. Their heads are usually wi ... are obvious for their broader bodies which are filled with eggs. There are three pairs of external gill stalks begin behind their heads which are used to move the oxygenated water. Axolotls have hard ...

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