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Extended Creative Defination on The work Crazy

"moon-struck" And, did I forget to mention those "lovely" stalkers and obsessed types? Justthink of Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction"."Crazy is as crazy does." My definition of crazy is an adje ...

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Dangerous Liaisons

A comparison of the movie featuring Glenn Close and the actual novel.The beautifully directed movie Dangerous Liaisons and the novel Les ... stly focuses on two bored rich astrocrats Marquise Isabelle de Mertuil who is played by a wonderful Glenn Close, and Vicomte Sebastien de Valmont who is played by John Malkovich. Together, they decide ...

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Les Liaison Dangereux

like a game in Les Liaisons Dangereux, or at least not nearly as much so as in Dangerous Liaisons. Glenn Close's character was far more devious in Dangerous Liaisons, which made her easier to despise ... . When it comes to relationships, the relationship between Valmont and Marquise de Merteuil (Glenn Close) was not a heated competition in Les Liaisons Dangereux but rather a marriage with a twi ...

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Norma Desmond: A Star or Black Hole

gnetic pull. Gloria Swanson's portrayal of Norma Desmond is nothing short of brilliant. She teeters close to the edge of parody; Swanson takes bold and rather treacherous choices with theatrical sneer ...

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