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Why the North Won the US Civil War

turists evermade successful war against a nation of mechanics. . . .You are bound to fail. (Catton, Glory Road 241)The American antebellum South, though steeped in pride and raised inmilitary traditio ... ng a total of 5,000 infantry rifles per day,compared with their own paltry capacity of 100 (Catton, Glory Road 241).During the mid-1800s, the Industrial Revolution dug its spurs deep intothe side of t ...

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Reflective Writing -Glory Road

Reflective Writing - Glory RoadNooragha Sharifi Word Count - 479 SACE No. 891971W'Glory Road' was a great movie because i ... ory and it also enabled the audience to view the extreme racism which occurred in America in 1966. "Glory Road" finds its true story at a point where sports history intersects with the struggle for ra ... where sports history intersects with the struggle for racial equality (SCOTT, 2006).But this movie 'Glory Road' showed how this hatred of­ racial discrimination was transformed into acceptance of ...

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