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The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a story with a wide range of characters- a presentation of them. Includes personal comment

his powere and money on the middle class or poorer people, but when Proctor was around people like Hale (Hale was a well educated and he stood up for things kind of guy) Proctor would try to act up t ... wife. The perfect exemple was when John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth and Mr. Proctor were approched by Hale. John Proctor was asked if he could name the seven commandents (Act ][, page #65). John Proctor ...

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A character analysis of Reverend Hale in "The Crucible."

Reverend HaleIn Arthur Miller's, The Crucible, when characters are faced with adversity, they are forced to s ... ed with adversity, they are forced to show their true morals and beliefs. The character of Reverend Hale fights a battle between what ideasl have been engraved in his mind by books and society, and wh ... igion of Salem and deciding that earthly life is superlative and worth lying for.At first, Reverend Hale's character is concrete in his beliefs on witchcraft and is sure of his duty to carry out the w ...

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This is a critical paper on "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. How reverend hale is a dynamic character.

The CrucibleIn the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller, there are many dynamic characters. Reverend Hale is a dynamic character because his voice of opinion changes throughout the play. Reverend Hale ... d drastically from the time that he arrived at Salem until the end of the play. The play began with Hale acting as a voice of authority and later converted to the voice of reason. Reverend Hale's time ...

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Describes symbolism in "A Jury of Her Peers"

nt in the story. The women in the story are not given first names, and are referred to only as Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. The role that society has placed upon them is defined by their husbands. Mrs. ... John Wright did to Minnie. She says "I know what stillness is. The law has got topunish crime, Mrs. Hale" (257). The difference is she is talking about the crime committed against Minnie, not the murd ...

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The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. Essay interpretes quote "Good people...are good because they've come to wisdom through failure".

religious failure. He was not able to recite the Ten Commandments when asked by Reverend Nathaniel Hale; further, as Proctor was failing to find the tenth commandment, his wife Elizabeth utters delic ... y, Proctor was able to identify all the commandments except the one that he was betraying. Reverend Hale pointed out Proctor's other religious shortcomings, he discerned that Proctor rarely attended c ...

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Crucible Essay, An analysis of the major characters- The insight of the characters.

th, John's wife, has high moral standards, you could say she's virtuous -but can be cold sometimes. Hale is a committed Christian and reverend who is said to be an expert of witchcraft. These characte ... s made their marriage tense because she never confronted him about it, so it built up inside of her.Hale is a hater of witchcraft, and believes that he knows everything about it. At first Hale is the ...

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The Crucible: The book vs the Screenplay

the same way as the play as a down to earth farmer who has had an affair with Abigail.When Reverend Hale arrives in order to use his knowledge to find out if witchcraft is indeed active within this vi ... she may not be to and introduces someone for her to lay the blame on. However the screenplay shows Hale questioning all of the girls. Here one of the girls points to Abigail as being the ringleader. ...

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Changing Characters in "The Crucible"

ne of the people who's life isn't greatly affected in a harmful way. But, on the contrary, Reverend Hale and John Proctor come to great realizations and changes in their lives.In the beginning of the ... made a martyr of himself. He clearly goes through several changes throughout the play.Reverend John Hale is another changed character in the play. When he is first introduced into the story, he is a c ...

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The Crucible: Inner Struggles

lted in absolute chaos. This play clearly illustrates the self-battles of three characters.Reverend Hale's battle is initiated by his personal commitment to God. He is a deeply religious man who was u ... nt to God. He is a deeply religious man who was unrelenting in his quest for the devil. Originally, Hale believed that there was witchcraft in the town and wanted to drive it out. However as the play ...

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Changing Characters in "The Crucible", by Arthur Miller.

gment in our nation's history in his work called "The Crucible". In this extravagant play, Reverend Hale and Elizabeth Proctor take part in a drastic development that affects their entire role.Reveren ... . He speaks of himself to be distinguishably more educated and courageous because he is a minister. Hale also speaks up as if he is completely confident in his theory of how people in Salem have been ...

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"The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. Act 2 analysis. "what is the reason for the location and what is revealed to the audience at the end?"

intrudes into every aspect of a suspect's personal life. This is apparent in the Act when Reverend Hale and later Cheever come "quite suddenly, as though from the result of this sudden intrusion is t ... ttle crazy children are jangling the keys of this kingdom." At this point Proctor has realized, and Hale is on the edge of realizing, that the whole ordeal with witchcraft in Salem is a complete farce ...

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The Crucible

Reverend Hale is a dynamic character in Miller's The Crucible as he is challenged by John Proctor's courage. ... actly what he wants. John Proctor is a very strong and courageous character. He influences Reverend Hale so much that Hale completely changes his mind about Salem, the court, and witches.Reverend Hale ... ." (p. 64); "The man's ordained, therefore he must have the light of god in him." (p. 66). Reverend Hale has a lot of wisdom to share with Salem. "Man, remember, until an hour before the devil fell, G ...

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Book Report

id confession that was nothing but a big lie.Knock knock John gets up and answers the door and Rev. Hale stands at the door.Rev. Hale: John Procter thank god you are still alive. That was a smart thin ... k about this nonsense of being possessed by the devil and it shall all come to a halt"¦ Rev. Hale: Well I agree with you there John. Lets go spread the word to everyone in the town of Salem"&br ...

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The Crucible

acteristics, but only one main character has all three. That one characters is Reverend John Hale. Hale is a Minister who is called in to investigate the witch trials. In the play the reverend ... he really wants is to see if all his education and studies would revel the Devil in Salem. Reverend Hale tries hard to revel the Devil that he forgets what his really there for. He believes the girls ...

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to save himself from the gallows with a confession to a sin that he did not commit. The judges and Hale almost convince him to do so, but in the end, he cannot bring himself to sign his confession. S ...

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Character Analysis: Reverend Parris

are in the cell by themselves for a little while and then Hathorne, Danforth, Cheever, Parris, and Hale enter the small jail cell. They are all speaking to Proctor and trying to get him to sign a pap ... up the confession paper, Proctor walks out of the cell followed by Herrick, Danforth, and Cheever. Hale, Parris, and Elizabeth stand in the cell staring at the doorway. Hale and Parris plead with Eli ...

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"The Crucible"

In "The Crucible", Gov. Danforth responds to Rev. Hale’s suggestion that John Proctor have a lawyer represent him in court. In his response, Danf ... urt because there are no witnesses. Danforth uses three sources of language in his rebuttal to Rev. Hale. He uses Damning with faint praise, rhetorical question, and deductive reasoning. Danforth inte ... int praise, rhetorical question, and deductive reasoning. Danforth intended purpose was to put down Hale’s proposition that John Proctor needs a lawyer.In Danforth’s reply he clearly uses th ...

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"The Crucible"- summary of three main characters

for the rest of their lives. Rev. Parris thought of himself mostly but would learn to change. Rev. Hale is in expert in witchcraft and is convinced that there are witches in Salem when he first arriv ... luding the accusations he did not want anymore innocent people to die.In another situation Reverend Hale is a strong man who comes to Salem looking for withes and eager to test out his practices to he ...

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The Crucible Lie And Sin Essay

l came with a man or a woman, Tituba replied dishonestly and said that the Devil came with a woman. Hale then promises to protect her if she can tell who they were that came. He informs her that the D ... that the Devil can never overcome a minister. Tituba confessed herself to witchcraft, which allowed Hale to bless her. She also lied about whom she saw with the Devil.Once Abagail realizes that Tituba ...

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for this illness. Also a child with both parents with having type II diabetes is also at high risk (Hale, D. 2003, pg.463).One in three Americans with diabetes are not aware that they have this illnes ... ss can increase the risk of blindness, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and premature death (Hale, D. 2003, pg.462. There are many symptoms that one will have that are so subtle; the individual ...

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