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Act 5 John Proctor signs the confession and walks out of the courtroom with a gleam in his eyes"¦ kind of a cocky look.

John Procter: come Elizabeth lets walk home Elizabeth Procter: John are you just going to walk away from that lie you just confessed too?? John your name will be looked down on now"¦ John Procter: shouting very loud Elizabeth Proctor is that all you think about you should be thankful that I am not being hung right now! Elizabeth Procter: with tears in her eyes and sadness in her voice But John your signature on that confession its"¦ its going to be hung high on the church and everyone will see that lie and your name will be ruined"¦ John Proctor: Elizabeth is it not just a simple piece of paper"¦ it means nothing to me or anybody else in this town, all of this havoc needs to come to a halt.

This is insane there is no one possessed by the devil in Salem. Are all of those confessions not lie's. Are all of those deaths really needed"¦ Elizabeth Procter: John I do agree with you but you shouldn't have signed that paper you should have said what you just said to me at least for some of your dignity before you signed that stupid confession that was nothing but a big lie.

Knock knock John gets up and answers the door and Rev. Hale stands at the door.

Rev. Hale: John Procter thank god you are still alive. That was a smart thing that you did back their John. It doesn't matter how much nonsense this whole witch thing is if you hadn't of confessed back at the court, they would have hung you"¦ Elizabeth Procter: still sobbing lightly but his good name.