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INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTS ON NOVELS 1. Title and Author Discuss the suitability or effectiveness of the title of story as a whole Give one or two facts about the author (dates, where he lived, topics he wrote about, etc.) 2. Characters Name and describe the main characters of the book Tell what their motives were Include your personal opinions of the characters' believability, personalities, etc.

3. Setting Tell where and when the story took place Tell how long a period of time is covered in the book Tell whether the time and place are important to the novel and why Discuss the author's portrayal of the setting with respect to how well he depicts language, dress, travel, social life, politics, religion, education, etc. of his book's time period 4. Plot - Delineate the plot in the following manner: Tell the basic conflict of the book Discuss the beginning situation, the major complications, the climax and the resolution of the conflict Discuss the effectiveness of the end of the book 5.

Theme Tell what you think the book has to say about life State whether you think there are any great truths presented Discuss any secondary themes the book may have 6. Style Comment on the length of sentences and paragraphs in the book Tell whether the author uses figurative language, humor, irony or satire in the book Evaluate the author's use of description and dialogue in the book 7. Personal Comments Tell why you chose the book State whether you would recommend it to others to read Tell whether or not you enjoyed the book and why