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Egyptian Religion

period of timewere monotheistic. Some of their major gods were: Isis; wife of Osiris, Re;sun god of Heliopolis, Anibis, jackal god of mummification, Osiris; god ofearth, and Thoth; god of wisdom. Furt ...

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Die Tempel van Bacchus - Lebanon

Die Tempel van BacchusBaalbekDie geskiedenis van die TempelKort opsommingBaalbek (antieke Heliopolis), is in die ooste van Libanon tussen die Litani en die Asi riviere geleë.Die naam, w ... die aanbidding van Baal, 'n plaaslike songod met die naam Helios.Die Grieke en Romeine het die dorp Heliopolis genoem wat " Stad van die Son" beteken.Die stad is nou bekend vir sy ruines en temples.Al ...

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The New Kingdom Army

tmosis III there appears to have been only two army divisions: Amun based in Thebes and Ra based in Heliopolis.Each division numbered approximately five thousand troops. Divisions were then organis ...

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Ancient Art And Architecture

thought that the Egyptian temple of the Dynastic Period owed most to the cult of the sun god Re at Heliopolis. The temple of Re was probably open to plan and lacked a shrine. Sun temples were unique ...

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Creation: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?: Early Beliefs of Heritage and Origins

34), all associated with some part of the sun's being or activity. Also, the supreme creator in the Heliopolis myth, Atum (one of the sun gods), emerged as the first sunrise, coming from a lotus flowe ... es from the Greek word for eight, okto) existing in the "primeval waters" (Woolf, 2005), and in the Heliopolis myth, life first emerged from a dark and formless void called Nun, or "the waters of chao ...

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