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position to Uranus andis close in mass to Uranus. Its thick atmosphere made of hydrogen, helium,and some methane and ammonia, gives it a bluish color.DISCOVERY...

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and one-half days in it's year.Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere, but it does have a thin layer of helium. The helium is actually solar wind that is trapped by Mercury's weak gravity. Scientists thin ...

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report on redgiants and typeII supernovae

running out. This means that the hydrogen burning can only continue in the outer shells around the helium core. The core contracts under gravity until the temperature becomes high enough for helium t ... cts under gravity until the temperature becomes high enough for helium to fuse to carbon and oxygen.Helium 'burning' last around 10 million years. When the helium runs out it continues burning in the ...

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Projekt in danish conserning Superconductivity

erlingh-Onnes der i 1911 opdagede fænomenet "supraledning". Han havde fundet en måde at fortætte Helium på, dette brugte han til at køle kviksølv ned til 4,2o K. Herved opdagede han at den elekt ... e bruges som en kontaktanordning. Det store problem dengang var dog at man kun kunne bruge flydende Helium, som var meget dyr at fremstille, for at opnå de meget lave temperaturer. Derfor var det fø ...

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CFC'S detroy the Ozone

fferent gases, 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% of a dozen or more other gases like carbon dioxide, helium, and ozone.This atmosphere extends many miles out from the earth's surface. However, this lay ...

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Red Giant Stars.

running out. This means that the hydrogen burning can only continue in the outer shells around the helium core. The core contracts under gravity until the temperature becomes high enough for helium t ... under gravity until the temperature becomes high enough for helium to fuse to carbon and oxygen.The helium in the giant star burns for around 10 million years. When the helium runs out it continues bu ...

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Two page article about Supernova Stars.

ith a different mass composition. The two stars are close together and they both fuse hydrogen into helium. The bigger more massive star converts its hydrogen into helium more rapidly than the smaller ... hydrogen into helium more rapidly than the smaller star. After all of the hydrogen is converted to helium, it swells into a red giant and sheds its outer layers onto the smaller star. The red giant t ...

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How did the planets of the solar system come about? How did the atmosphere change and evolve through time? What where the major geological and biological events of Earth history?

formed at the same time.About 5 billion years ago a huge cloud of gasses consisting of hydrogen and helium began to gravitationally contact, forming into a flat disk shaped material called the protosu ...

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How to make a piñata.

s...hole punchstringrope or strong cordcandies and small trinketsInflate the balloon (just air, not helium).Tie the balloon with a string to hang it up.Make papier-mâché paste, by combini ...

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The Hindenburg Disaster

destroyed the Hindenburg was caused by the following chemical reaction:Airships are now filled with Helium the second lightest gas known to man. Helium is not reactive like Hydrogen is.

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What are the Causes and Effects of Interactions Between the Solar Wind and Planetary Bodies?

n years ago it has been the ultimate source of energy and light on Earth. Made of 73% hydrogen, 25% helium and around 50 other trace elements and radiating 4 x 1026 watts of energy every second , it h ... rock and dust. The Apollo lander, in fact, found that there are significant amounts of the isotope helium-3 trapped, which is important as it holds considerable promise as a fuel for fusion powered e ...

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Metabolic Process notes These are just notes for

of elements in the Periodic Table called the noble gases that are inert (non-reactive). Except for helium that has 2 valence electrons, all members of this group have 4 pairs or 8 valence electrons.C ...

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The birth and death of stars.

which contains huge clouds of gases and solid particles. It is comprised of about 75% hydrogen, 25% helium, and traces of carbon, nitrogen and other elements. The clouds, called nebulae, are cool and ... alled hydrostatic equilibrium.Stars expand as they grow old. The star runs out of hydrogen and then helium in its nuclear reactions. The star contacts and its outer layers expand, become cool, and les ...

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The origin of the earth

f gasses. The sun and the planets were formed from a ball of gasses that contained 99% hydrogen and helium. There was only about 1% of some of the heavier elements, oxygen, silicon, iron, nickel, and ... d small balls of gasses to form, this is the formation of early planets. Chemical forces caused the helium and hydrogen to form into small grains (Heinz, 12). Gravity caused these grains to pull toget ...

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Nuclear Power

or process of splitting into parts, of uranium, plutonium or thorium or the fusion of hydrogen into helium. One fifth of the world's electricity is produced by nuclear power plants. The U.S is the cur ...

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part of Jupiter is filled mainly with gases and does not have a solid surface. Jupiter is about 10% helium and 90% hydrogen. Jupiter is formed out of a liquid metallic hydrogen. The website provides i ...

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Life Cycle of a Star

ahrenheit. At 15 million degrees Fahrenheit nuclear reactions occur in which hydrogen fuses to form helium. The star then begins to release energy which stops it from contracting, and it causes the st ... in main sequence for about 10 billion years. After all of the star's hydrogen has been used to form helium, it begins to cool down and the helium fuses to carbon and the star expands, becoming a red g ...

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What is Sublimation

going to a higher temperature , so that then it can be frozen and then begin to sublimate example: Helium transforms to a liquid at -452.1 degrees Fahrenheit, if then frozen while in the liquid state ...

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The Atmosphere and Air Pollution: Mexico City

earth. The main components of the atmosphere are nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, neon and helium respectively (Earths Atmosphere). The innermost layer is the troposphere, which extend ...

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Theories of the Origin of the Universe.

e universe grew in size, the temperature dropped, which eventually formed huge numbers of Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium nuclei. After many millions of years the expanding universe, at first a very hot ... idence is that this theory predicts that 25 percent of the total mass of the universe should be the helium that formed during the first few minutes, an amount that agrees with observations.Thirdly, a ...

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