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That history contains errors will not come as news to a person who has reflected on the topic.

as news to a person who has reflected on the topic. The very first history, a Greek one, History of Herodotus, written around 450 BC, likely had quite a number of fictional details so as to affect its ... now the historian and his reputation._______________________________[TOC]NOTES:[1] "This history of Herodotus lays stress on the weakness of Persia. This history is indeed what we should now call prop ...

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The great sphinx.

, because it was vulnerable for the very long period when only the head was visible above the sand. Herodotus, who has much to say about the pyramids, does not mention the Sphinx at all - maybe it was ...

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This is an informative essay about many tourist attractions in europe.

ns.There is a vast history of tourism around the world, especially in Europe. There are writings of Herodotus, a historian who lived in the fifth century BC. He traveled by sea to Egypt, Persia, Sicil ...

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Outline Darius 1 rise to power.

for his administrative genius and building projects. His rise to power was turmoltuous.According to Herodotus, while Cambyses was in Egypt, a man claiming to be Bardiya (his brother) proclaimed himsel ... ously been ordered to death. On Cambyses trip home to sort issues out he died by his own hand. Both Herodotus and the Behistan inscription tell of economic and religious changes made by Bardiya which ...

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Life and success of Herodotus

Herodotus was the first Greek historian, known as the "Father of History." He was born in the year 4 ... armed conflicts between Greece and Persia in the early 5th century BC. He died in the year 428 BC. Herodotus's beliefs were that that the universe is ruled by fate and chance, and nothing is stable i ... the events that happened in the ancient world. I believe that this was the greatest contribution of Herodotus. His research and travels taught him a lot of things that he placed into his magnificent H ...

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Egypt- The Nile River

iver basin covers an area of more than 3,349,000 sq km. Not only is the Nile considered a wonder by Herodotus, but by people all over the world, due to its impotance to the growth of a civilization.Th ...

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Religious to excess beyond any other nation- Herodotus

"The Egyptians are religious to excess beyond any other nation"- Herodotus.The Ancient Egyptians were in existence over 4000 years ago. They were average people, muc ... ion that lived long ago they were remarkably advanced in their technology and knowledge. However as Herodotus stated they were excessively religious. This has been proven through the ampleness of thei ...

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"What are the similarities and differences between Thucydides' and Herodotus' depictions of Themistocles as a person?"

Both Thucydides and Herodotus' depictions of Themistocles suggest that he is a devious person. In a source by Thucydides ... y the Athenians and their allies fought at Salamis rather then sailing for Isthmus by the historian Herodotus. "Themistocles, taking a seat beside him, repeated Mnesiphilus' arguments as if they were ... was only on a basis of equal strength that fair discussions on the common interest could be held." Herodotus tells how using his quick wit and using his power to frighten the other generals Themistoc ...

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Herodotus (484-424 BC ?) a Greek historian, known as the father of history, who was the first histor ... acter, which are very graceful additions to the main narrative.Two men are famous contemporaries of Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon, who were both from Athens. Thucydides (460 BC - 400 BC?) was a ... and Xenophon, who were both from Athens. Thucydides (460 BC - 400 BC?) was a better historian than Herodotus and his critical use of sources and research made his "History of the Peloponnesian War" a ...

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Question: "The real political leadership of Sparta rested with the elders and the ephors"(C.G.Thomas) To what extent is this an accurate assessment of the government of Sparta?

cal significance of the apella and the democratic system in ancient Sparta would have to be ignored.Herodotus has suggested the kings and their twenty-eight elders were the most powerful figures invol ...

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Drugs and alcohol

ecreation for thousands of years. Ancient China and India used marijuan thousands of years ago, and Herodotus wrote in the fifth century B.C. of the Scythians? ?burning marijuana on hot rocks and prod ...

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"What can we learn from history?" discussion of John Tosh's thesis on history

Since Herodotus' first annotations of history simply for the purpose of ensuring that "the great deeds of ...

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Account for the different interpretations and perspectives of the Battle of Salamis as described by Herodotus, Aeschylus and Plutarch

Herodotus, Aeschylus and Plutarch are all directed by the views of the society of their time. While ... Salamis.All writers are affected by who they are, where they are from and their topic of interest. Herodotus was no exception. Herodotus based his work on solid research and travelled widely, intervi ... versions of events - e.g. "Such is the Athenian account of how the battle started" (The Histories, Herodotus, 8, 85-92) - both the Persian version and the Greek. He was not perfect, however: there we ...

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The concept of nations and nationality has been around for thousands of years. Herodotus wrote about the German nation 2500 years ago. In those days the term did not refer to a co ...

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Aims and Purpose of History

using sources and evidence has caused countless debates between historians and other academics from Herodotus, the 'Father of History' to G.R Elton and his views on objective truth. Similarly Stuart M ... intyre's discussion on national history and how this becomes a motive of historians. Thucydides and Herodotus both attempted to glorify epic battles in order to maintain their country's reputation. Ho ...

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The creation of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar and twenty four hour time had a significant impact on modern societies.

nt only happened every 1460 years. The period between the Sothic Risings is called the Sothic Cycle.Herodotus stated that the Egyptians were the first people to invent the calendar."But as to those ma ... season into twelve parts to make up the whole; and this they said they found out from the stars..."(Herodotus)They were also the first people to invent the twenty four hour clock. Ancient Egyptians As ...

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Lycurgus and Spartan Government- With reference to Ancient sources you have researched, explain the Spartan System of Government

he embark on the laws for the city-state? The Historians; Plutarch, Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle and Herodotus explore the uncertainties of Lycurgus using historiography.Plutarch (c. 45-126 AD) was a G ... of the foundations of his laws and how they came to exist. Plutarch, Xenophon, Plato, Aristotle and Herodotus produced arguments in respect to whether Lycurgus received the Spartan law from the Delphi ...

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Herodotus Paper

Prompt: Is Herodotus’ statements true or false when it comes to Oedipus and Pentheus?When Herodotus summar ... . I interpret these words to mean that everyday things that happen are controlled by divine forces. Herodotus also states that “Let a man lay his plans with due regard to common sense, and he wil ... ese statements are true in many old Greek texts, two of which are Oedipus the King and The Bacchae. Herodotus’ statements are true for Oedipus and Pentheus, the two main characters in both of the ...

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The First Modern Historian

Herodotus was the first historian. However, his historical methods were much different than the hist ... w. Thucydides was the first modern historian, the type of which we are familiar with today. He took Herodotus' concept and changed history from something more for enjoyment to a learning tool to impro ... Thucydides was also the first historian to get extremely detailed in writing his history. Unlike Herodotus, Thucydides concentrated solely on an individual war as opposed to a large period of time. ...

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Ionian Revolt

The credibility of Herodotus' text is without doubt a source of much debate amongst classical scholars. For almost any ... ted anecdotes.One of the few premises that are agreed upon by scholars is that 'the deficiencies of Herodotus, as a historian, if he is measured against modern standards, are notorious' (Chapman 1972, ... rundy, as referred to by Evans, who suggests that 'the imperfect character of the information which Herodotus furnishes with regard to the story of the great revolt is so evident that the historian hi ...

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