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Hippocrates: The Father of MedicineWho was Hippocrates? Many people still wonder that today. Some is ... about hislife, but not much. In this essay, I will tell you want I've found out from much research.Hippocrates is thought to have lived from about 460 B.C. to 380 B.C. As I said before,people don't k ... have lived from about 460 B.C. to 380 B.C. As I said before,people don't know a lot about his life. Hippocrates was known as the Father of Medicinebecause he was one of the first doctors to use scient ...

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Greek philosopher Hippocrates.

Hippocrates is Greek physician, who is often called 'the father of medicine.' Despite the existence ... temporaries who mention him are Plato, Aristotle, and Menon, a pupil of Aristotle. The influence of Hippocrates and of the Hippocratic writings has, however, been very real. It has incontestably helpe ... cine from superstition and speculative hypotheses.From the slender sources available, we learn that Hippocrates was born on the island of Cos in the Aegean Sea about 469 B.C. His father and first teac ...

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All about cancer.

ncer is a disease that has killed and continues to kill many people. It was named and discovered by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, in about 400b.c. It includes approximately 150 illnesses that c ...

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The Ancient Greeks in 400B.C.

ountry.Our Western Civilization has continued the use of the Hippocratic Oath, which was created by Hippocrates. Part of this oath stated: "I will follow that [treatment' which, according to my abilit ...

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Right Brain, Left Brain.

t hemispheres of the brain. Apparently the study of this aspect of the brain traces back to time of Hippocrates. Levy weaves in and out of the various theories and prominent people known for contribut ...

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Sigmund Freud- Anna.

two centuries, have referred tenderly to its classical ancestry, to its glorious "founding father", Hippocrates. For such medical writers the existence of an ancient tradition, of hysteria diagnosis a ...

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Dream Interpretations

s unknown. In ancient Greece dreams were believed to be messages from the gods. In later centuries, Hippocrates (a Greek physician), Aristotle (a Greek philosopher), and Galen (a Greek philosopher) be ...

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Major (Unipolar) Depressive Disorder

t reference to depression, or major depressive disorder (as it is now referred to), was conveyed by Hippocrates in 400 BC, who labeled this disorder "melancholia". This term was later referenced to in ...

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The Chemistry of Natural Water

lem for hundreds of years. One of the earliest references to the hardness or softness of water is inHippocrates discourse on water quality in Fifth century B.C. Hard water causes many problems in both ...

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Research paper on stroke

Stroke 1StrokeStrokes have been around for thousands of years. Hippocrates recognized and described what we now call strokes as the onset of sudden paralysis. In a ...

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Which Religion Did Most For Medicine in the Middle Ages- Christianity or Islam?

ved different things.The similarities in treatments are mainly due to ancient medical writers, e.g. Hippocrates and Galen. Both religions believed that they were right so they did not dispute their fi ... on being able to read and write because they idolised the ancient writers who could, like Galen and Hippocrates. Libraries were built on a large scale and books were very important to them. As they le ...

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Could herbal medicines be the answer to your suffering?

e first recorded use of herbal medicines was in 2800BC in the Pen Ts'ap by Shen Nung. Around 400BC, Hippocrates described herbs, when accompanied by exercise and good health, as being the cornerstones ...

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Which Are the Health Consequences Associated With Unbalanced Diet?What Are Your Recommendations for the Promotion Of Healthy Dietary pattern?

s why we have to pay special attention to the possible outcomes from an unbalanced diet. Because as Hippocrates says:" Positive health requires knowledge of man's primary constitution and the powers o ...

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Felix Hoffman: the Founder of Aspirin.

inspiring Hoffman to find a painkiller.Hoffman did a lot of research and study including a study on Hippocrates, a Greek physician from 400 B.C. His research showed pain medicine in that time was made ...

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Hippocrates vs. Neuroscience: A comparison between Hippocrates' theory of four humors and todays knowledge of neuroscience.

According to Hippocrates, four internal liquids, called humors were responsible for the health and mental stabili ... ty of every individual. These liquids were blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm. According to Hippocrates when these fluids were in balance, the human body and mind perform in perfect harmony. B ... nd behavior depend on the kind and strength of an action potential sent through an axon.Apparently, Hippocrates had underestimated the power of the neurons. However we must not forget that at the time ...

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Important landmarks which contributed to the development of surgery.

as been carried out for both medical reasons and mystical practices for a long time, dating back to Hippocrates who even gave specific directions on the procedure from its evolution through the Greek ...

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Essay on Leeks- Botany

., the Bronze Age, where many different inhabitants used to eat this vegetable for health purposes. Hippocrates, founder of the Hippocratic Oath, use to prescribe leeks as a cure for nosebleeds. As ti ...

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n transmitted Hippocratic medicine all the way to the Renaissance. His On the Elements According to Hippocrates describes the philosopher's system of four bodily humours, blood, yellow bile, black bil ...

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Only Hippocrates' approximate birth date, birth place and profession are unknown. Historians accept that ... rs of oral tradition and are thus unreliable.[6]Soranus of Ephesus, about whom little is known, was Hippocrates's first biographer and is the source of most information, however unreliable, on Hippocr ... is the source of most information, however unreliable, on Hippocrates's person. Soranus stated that Hippocrates's father, a physician, was Heraclides, and his mother, daughter of Phenaretis, was named ...

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Cortical Bone

plication of findings to date.History of the Study of BoneThe first documented study of bone was by Hippocrates, considered to be the father of medicine. Since his initial investigation into anatomy, ...

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