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Catalytic Converter

all during the reaction. This is the idea behind acatalytic converter. The carbon monoxide gas and hydrocarbons emitted from the enginewill travel along the exhaust system until they reach they catal ... mes into contact with the described catalyst. This forces a reaction between thecarbon monoxide and hydrocarbons with the oxygen inside the converter creatingproducts of carbon dioxide and water vapor ...

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Death of a Planet

the pollution.Most pollution that is released by cars comes from the exhaust, mainly in the form ofhydrocarbons(1 factsheet, OMS-5). Hydrocarbons are organic compounds ,a combination of twoor more el ... ,a combination of twoor more elements, that contain only carbon and hydrogen (2 factsheet, OMS-5). Hydrocarbonsare released when fuel in the engine burns partially. When hydrocarbons come in contact ...

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Petroleum is an oily flammable liquid composed by hydrocarbons, which is foundnaturally beneath the Earth's surface by drilling wells, and it is usual ... s usuallyfor gasoline, and heavy black which is high in asphalt content. It consists ofa mixture of hydrocarbons, with traces of various nitrogenous and sulfurouscompounds.50-90% of petroleum is hydro ... y oforganic compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur. Pennsylvania crudeoils contain 97-98% hydrocarbons, but some oil from California contains only 50%of hydrocarbons.Oil is generally in sedi ...

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Environmental effects.

ut 20 years.c.All of these three families of compounds are also very potent greenhouse gases.d.Some hydrocarbons - propane and isobutene - are now increasingly used as a "greener" alternative to both ... Summer smog occurs at certain times of the year due to a complex reaction in which a combination of hydrocarbons (CxHy), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sunlight lead to the formation of ozone.d.Athens and ...

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How can we decide how to make the best use of our limited oil supplies

make the best use of our limited oil supplies?Crude oil or "unprocessed oil" is a mixture of mostly hydrocarbons and a small percentage of sulphur compounds. It is a fossil fuel as it was initially fo ... liquid, and the compounds with different boiling points will remain in separate levels.Most of the hydrocarbons from crude oil are alkanes, saturated compounds from the same homologous series. Alkane ...

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Should Smoking be banned? By Asif

ffects our health are tar and nicotine. Tar is a dark, oily, viscous material, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, produced by the destructive distillation of organic substances such as wood, coal, or ...

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Crude Oil - Research on Products of Crude Oil and Waste Processes

il.The principal constituents of crude oil are compounds of hydrogen and carbon known chemically as hydrocarbons, the boiling point of a hydrocarbon depends on its chain length, the longer the chain t ... ngth, the longer the chain the higher the boiling point. The variation in the boiling points of the hydrocarbons in crude oils allows them to be separated by fractional distillation. Besides hydrocarb ...

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Dow Chemical Board Of Directors Decision Making

w merged with chemical giant Union Carbide. Dow continues to be a leader in plastics, chemicals and hydrocarbons. Dow's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), William Stavropoulos, entered the position ...

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Do the risks of our continued use of fossil fuels at the current levels outweigh the benefits?

The risks of using fossil fuels, such as hydrocarbons and petrochemicals at the current levels are detrimental and irreversible to the enviro ...

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Oil and Progress

al products can be retrieved from it.Oil industry began from such earliest methods of exploring for hydrocarbons, as looking for oil seeps or gas escaping from the earth (the earliest oil discoveries ... years ago, the major source of energy shifted from bituminous coal, charcoal and firewood to fossil hydrocarbons, including liquid and gaseous petroleum. Technology has generally led to a vast use of ...

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Investigation into the Use of Short-Column Reversed-Phase LC in the Determination of log P Values 2.

s used in the analysis of a wide variety of samples, including paints, polymer additives, solvents, hydrocarbons, pesticides, and drugs. Samples are introduced to the stationary phase of the capillary ... erial No A58819-Operating Temperature 40- 360/370 degrees celcius-Application Area - Trace analysis hydrocarbons solvents phenols amines-GBE Columns-BP *5 5% phenyl polysilphenylene-Siloxane-Part No 0 ...

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Alkanes & Alkenes

ogous series. The main source of alkanes is from crude oil.Alkanes are covalent compounds. They are hydrocarbons, which means they contain hydrogen and carbon. The general formula for an alkane is .Pr ... eries called alkenes.Another reaction that often occurs after fractional distillation is reforming. Hydrocarbons of the same formula have different boiling points. Straight-chained alkanes have greate ...

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Acid Rain

hemicals must be released into the air. The primary pollutants (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons) react with sunlight to create ozone. This produces sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and nitric ac ... ution standards. These require that all new cars have a convertor to reduce the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons by as much as 96%. As I already said, acid rain does not always fall where it is produc ...

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What the Jurrasic park gave us- Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons formed from the remains of dead plants and animals. The theory that hydrocarbons were f ...

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Crude Oil

of the earth supplies the energy for this reaction. Oil formes at 100-120 degrees Celsius, but the hydrocarbons are destroyed to leave only natural gas at 175-200degrees Celsius. Oils are usually fou ...

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Crude Oil

cree, certain parts vaporize, rise and flow through tubes, condense, and settle. The lighter hydrocarbons are used for furnaces, gasoline, or stove oil. Some light distillates are naphtha and k ...

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Oil Spills

more naturally formed oil. In humans oil burns eyes, skin, and causes irritation in the mouth. The hydrocarbons in the refined oil may also cause pneumonia. On the other hand, the affects on oceanic ...

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Hypothesis Statement of Natural Attenuation of Hydrocarbon Vapors

mportant if we are to understand the role of these processes in the natural attenuation of residual hydrocarbons in the subsurface. In recent years, much effort has gone into developing screening-leve ... Rea, T. Simpkin, R. Hoffman, and B. Elder. "Intrinsic Remediation ofShallow Vadose- Zone Petroleum Hydrocarbons". November. 1996 TheProceedings of the API/NGWA Petroleum Hydrocarbons and OrganicChemi ...

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Production of Materials

productsAlkanes are very un-reactive. They are not as reactive as the alkenes. Alkanes are saturate hydrocarbons. They undergo substitution reactions.CH4 + Cl2 chloromethane + hydrogen chlorideC + Cl2 ... molecule which is usually water.•In other words, it is when the functional groups of different hydrocarbons are joined together resulting in the formation of a polymer, with the loss of a small m ...

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Cleaning up after the exxon valdez was a mistake

ut in general they contain hundreds, even thousands of different compounds. Some are straight-chain hydrocarbons with carbon numbers ranging from 4 or 5 to 35 or more. Other hydrocarbons have branched ... s with a wide range of carbon numbers. Aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene, and polynuclear hydrocarbons are substantially present. Other constituents include waxes and complex, high molecular ...

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