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The Government of Japan .

ed by a ruling elite of powerful clans. The most powerful emerged as a kingly line and later as the imperial family in Yamato in the third century A.D., claiming descent from the gods who created Japa ... e "just laws of nature," and an international search for knowledge to strengthen the foundations of imperial rule. Implicit in the Charter Oath was an end to exclusive political rule by the bakufu and ...

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History of Haiku

ch form is the 31 syllable waka composed of five 5-7-5-7-7 syllable phrases. Developed as the early imperial court of the late eighth century consolidated cultural, social and political forms, the wak ... rms, the waka took its place as one of the important regularized poetic forms of the period. Within imperial circles, minor officials and scribes gained recognition as poem-providers and word speciali ...

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Ho Chi Minh

peasants, traditional dissidents, opposed France's presence; and Ho's father, a functionary at the imperial court, manifested his sympathy for them by quitting his position and becoming an itinerant ...

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Japanese History (ancient)

ut as time went on they became less inclined to do so, as they no longer needed protection from the imperial court.The Economic and Political Structure of Japan encouraged a more decentralized power s ... lminated in two major wars between rival clans that were both descended from junior branches of the imperial lines -- court nobility who had left the capital early on to make their fortunes in the pro ...

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A Biography of Ho Chi Minh

their country and heritage. His father, a dedicated nationalist, was an official at the Vietnamese Imperial Court and was dismissed because of his critical attitude towards French domination in Vietn ...

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Ancient China Comparison Essay

eaucratic government, which means that both countries were ruled by and emperor or empress, and the imperial court made the decisions.China's isolation were relative towards the fact that they blocked ... hand was trading with other city-states and territories, religious beliefs and goods, too. Japan's imperial court accepted Buddhism beliefs into their culture. Also, they had an abundance amount of s ...

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coming changes of government being implicated. There was constant struggle between the Shogunal and imperial court concerning Japan's noninvolvement into international relations. The Shoguns, accordin ... the imperial court, were not moving fast enough in removing the Western ideology out of Japan. The imperial court then assumed the Shogun to be both disloyal and slow to respond to domestic Western i ...

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Tanabata: The Japanese Star Festival

ta, falling on July 7. It is a day that commemorates a romantic story, first handed down to Japan's imperial court via China and Korea and then becoming popular among the common people. The legend is ...

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Catherine the Great

Krull). During her time in court, "Catherine set herself to studying the behavior and tastes of the imperial court" (Krull). She also developed many political skills while staying at the court.Catheri ...

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