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Business Memo for A proposal to Jiffy Lube to purchase a new piece of shop equipment for fuel system service.

er, and even some of the additives can be found on the inside of fuel passageways as well as in the intake manifold and on the intake valves. The problem is that all of this build-up causes poor vehic ... is performed, the differences in these readings can be printed out and compared to see how much the intake fuel/air flow has improved. A printout can also be included with the customer's copy of the s ...

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Mc Donals

xhaust system rumbling loudly. The car been added a few features to boost the horsepower like a new intake manifold with high flow air intake, new performance spark plugs, eight gage spark plug wires ...

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yno session. No ign, fuel or cam timing tuning was done.98 B20B stock head and block, 94 P75/LS ecu Intake: GSR stock cone filter and tube (no airbox), LS intake manifold, 64mm TB Ex: GSR exhaust mani ... crease in power can probably be accounted to the GSR exhaust manifold, free flow exhaust and the LS intake manifold. The stock cast GSR exhaust manifold that was used looks like a better piece than th ...

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Not Twin Turbo, Super-Turbocharged

the cylinder and into the exhaust system. The turbo on the exhaust is connected to the turbo on the intake manifold by a shaft. The exhaust gasses spin the exhaust turbo which then makes the intake tu ...

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