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Land use and misuse in the uk

#59145;oke/coal-fire stations in the UK produce about 10 million tonnes of pulverised ash each year.Intensive Farming.When the population began to rise sharply in the nineteenth century it required th ... tion began to rise sharply in the nineteenth century it required the farming methods to become more intensive, this is when the most food is produced from the available land for growing crops (arable ...

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Land pollution in the uk

e sun's heat bakes the soil. The soil is soon replaced with a hard brick like layer called laterite.Intensive farming.Intensive farming causes problems for the pollution of land mainly because it puts ...

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Farming Systems

se this technique. Extensive farming is farming that is carried out on a larger scale compared with intensive farming. Extensive subsistence is farming where there is small input including labo ... economically developed countries. Extensive farming is farming on a large scale when compared with intensive farming. Extensive commercial farming is when there is rather small labour yet more ...

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How Humans Affect the Environment

maging the earth's environment beyond repair. Pollution, deforestation, over-fishing, the impact of intensive farming and above all global warming will see to that. We need to find ways of improving f ...

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India's focus going forward: Agriculture or manufacturing and services?

hirty years after the dawn of green revolution, Indian farmers realised that their love affair with intensive agriculture was on decline. Despite a bountiful monsoon (14 normal monsoons in a row, unti ... rmal monsoons in a row, until 2004), harvests were not as plentiful as could have been expected. As intensive farming began to bare its fangs, mining the ground water, and destroying the soil fertilit ...

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Marketing Communication Campaign of a Fictitious Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

and water pollution, waste, nuclear issues, the ozone and global warming, genetic engineering, and intensive farming. Ways to combat some of these have been reinforced by various governments via legi ...

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