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A Vignette: The Bullets

stay there. We knew that all it took to kill us was a stray bullet from the nearby fighting. As the Israeli tanks and footmen patrolled our neighborhood, my family and I would stay in the living room ... llets. Slowly, the rest of my family awoke. We quickly realized that there was a battle between the Israeli forces and the Palestinian fighters all around town, which meant we would have to sit in the ...

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Women In Combat

des the United States have used women in modern warfare. The first was Russia during WWII and later Israel in 1948. Russian women flew fighters to protect Stalingrad from advancing German armies and a ... led "Night Witches" due to their great performance (The Journal of Military History, 1993, p. 320). Israel during the War for Independence, also used women in direct combat positions. The need for wom ...

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You and Whose Army?

On July 12, 2006, the Hezbollah (members of the Lebanese army) kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed three others. Israel responded by launching a violent campaign that kill ... which each side has opposing views of what has “really” happened. The Lebanese blame the Israelites, stating that they are the ones who have occupied land from Lebanon for over 22 years, th ... emerged in Lebanon early on and became the region's leading Islamic movement, determined to remove Israeli troops from Lebanon after the Israeli invasion of 1982. Their main goal was to destroy Israe ...

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