You and Whose Army?

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On July 12, 2006, the Hezbollah (members of the Lebanese army) kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed three others. Israel responded by launching a violent campaign that killed thousands and terribly crippled the country of Lebanon. The airport was bombed and all of the highways and bridges leading to Beirut were completely destroyed; the only way in or out of the nation was a very expensive and risky taxi ride from Syria. It is war. It’s turned in a blame game in which each side has opposing views of what has “really” happened. The Lebanese blame the Israelites, stating that they are the ones who have occupied land from Lebanon for over 22 years, they are the ones who violate Lebanese air space, and they are the ones who are perpetrating aggression on a daily basis. They have held over hundreds of people from Lebanon and Palestine captive in prison.

If we retaliate, it is legitimate. We have to stand up, or we die in the hands of an enemy. The history between the two countries has always been shaky. For decades they have fought back and forth over land and power of a certain region in the Middle East, and the Hezbollah are willing to fight to empower what is rightfully theirs.

The Hezbollah is a militant Islamic group that controls southern Lebanon. Translated as “Soldiers of God”, these forces emerged in Lebanon early on and became the region's leading Islamic movement, determined to remove Israeli troops from Lebanon after the Israeli invasion of 1982. Their main goal was to destroy Israel while Iran, a local ally, stood beside them. Iran supported them by providing money and a helping hand— the closer they were to getting rid of Israel, the more Iran's military aid increased. While the United...