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Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet"

Information on the AuthorKahlil Gibran (1883-1931), a poet, philosopher, and an artist was born in Lebanon, a land which has produced many prophets. The millions of Arabic speaking people, familiar w ...

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Written by: The ProphetEdited by: The MetallianLebanon, a nation that once proudly called itself the Switzerland of theMiddle East, is today a coun ... it may be impossible to re-create a unified state responsiveto the needs of all its varied peoples.Lebanon lies on the eastern shore of the Mediterranea n Sea, in that partof southwestern Asia known ... known as the Middle East. Because of its location -at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa - Lebanon has been the centerof commerce and trade for thousands of years. It has also been on therout ...

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Do the Benefits Outweigh the Problems Brought by Retaining Territory Won in the Six-Day War?

sum up Arab goals in the Six-Day War. However, as great as the forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon combined, Israel was still able to emerge from the 1967 War victorious. In fact so victoriou ...

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From Coexistence to Conflict in 19th Century Mount Lebanon

From Coexistence to Conflictin 19th Century Mount LebanonMount Lebanon has been a troubled region throughout much of Lebanese history. Through most of ... Lebanese history. Through most of the 19th century, the Maronite and Druze inhabitants of the Mount Lebanon region had successfully coexisted in an intricate inter-sectarian system. True to the words ... d successfully coexisted in an intricate inter-sectarian system. True to the words of Leila Fawaz, "Lebanon was at peace, as it had been for most of its history." Excessive foreign intervention, howev ...

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Ancient Egypt

d draperies for the houses of the rich.Egypt did not have much timber. Most of it was imported from Lebanon, and from the woods of Nubia. Carpenters created fancy chairs and couches, and some craftsme ...

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Arab Women Freedom and The Dress Code : case study of women in Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia

s between the Arab countries that make their understandings so distinct. For example, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Morocco are three Arab countries, but are so different in the way they think about some ... he development of the nation exist even in a country where the women are more liberated. Indeed, in Lebanon, we notice that women have more rights and live freely than the Saudi Arabian women. Even if ...

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Banning Tobacco Advertising In Lebanon

INTRODUCTIONAccording to The Daily Star Lebanon, the Lebanese community consumes approximately 600 million cigarettes annually, spending mor ... ertisements are on wide display on Lebanese TVs, in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. Sadly, Lebanon is the only Arab country to allow tobacco advertisements. Since Oct. 25, 1999 tobacco has ki ... 5, 1999 tobacco has killed 21,112,831 people around the world and in particularly 3,500 people's in Lebanon. It is consistent with World Bank estimates of a 4% decrease in consumption after a 10% pric ...

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The History of Syria, with the important turning points of this country regarding to the Middle East.

75% Sunni, 7% Druze, 5% Alawite) and 13% ChristiansOfficial Language: ArabicGeography and PopulationLebanon and Israel are to the west, Jordan to the South. Iraq lies to the East and Turkey to the Nor ... uth. Iraq lies to the East and Turkey to the North. In earlier time, greater Syria included Jordan, Lebanon and Israel.Syria has access to major source of water: the Euphrates and Orontes Rivers and t ...

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"Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri's will for change in Lebanon"

fine job at instituting change in a once war-torn country. He is none other than Mr. Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's former prime minister, who has meticulously devoted all his efforts to the restoration of ... ore the devastating civil war that is now, fortunately, in the past.Mr. Hariri's will for change in Lebanon extended far and wide, for he was a well-traveled man who went to any length to help Lebanon ...

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Starbucks SWOT.

ernational presence by opening 184 new international licensed stores, including the first stores in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong and Shanghai. At fiscal year end, the Company ha ... and, 14 in Malaysia, six in South Korea, five in the United Arab Emirates, four in Kuwait, three in Lebanon, and one in Qatar.Starbucks also sells whole bean and ground coffees to several types of who ...

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How did the 1975 Lebanese Civil War start? What were the main causes? What were the main conflicting ideologies?

Lebanon's eastern borders meet with Syria, an Arabic country theoretically considered a strategic al ... Arabic country theoretically considered a strategic ally against the Zionist state located south of Lebanon: Israel. The Israeli-Arab conflict began in 1948 with the conquest of the land of Palestine ... 1948 with the conquest of the land of Palestine by the Zionist movement. Almost thirty years later, Lebanon was struck by a long series of "earthquakes" that rendered the country a fragmented entity h ...

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Debate: Global Warming Should be our Number One Priority, negative team arguements

mankind now that are definitely happening such as poverty and war (international relationships) eg. Lebanon crisis2)The current warming of the globe may be natural, not affected by man- If we are havi ...

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Water Conflict in the Jordan River Basin

e East for decades. The riparian states of the Jordan River Basin include Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. These states are in a constant struggle over securing water rights for their respective sta ... rce comes from the Jordan River, an elongated valley in the central Middle East, and is shared with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine (Lowi, 1995). The Hasbani River, the Dan River, and the Banyas ...

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small country on the Eastern Shore of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia. It is bounded by Lebanon on the north, Syria on the northeast, Jordan to the east and southeast, to the southwest by ... became a new nation it was attacked by six neighboring Arab countries. Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia joined forces and invaded Israel. This was the first of many Arab-Israeli w ...

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Holy Land

n area that extends from west to east between the Mediterranean and the Arabian Desert and from the Lebanon in the north, to the Sinai Desert in the south.The Holy Land interests me very much as well ...

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e way for Israel. Thousands of Palestinians were uprooted and were sent to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and else ware to make room for Jews that were pouring out of Europe after WWII. Palestine s ...

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Can terrorism be justified?

ance, which also felt the death toll go up to around 50 paratroopers. The MNF (Multination Force in Lebanon), had a reason for being in Lebanon, their intentions were for peace and stability in the ar ... ks up his first statement by stating how the attacks have proven he reason for the marines being in Lebanon, this emphasises how the attacks in Beirut were unjustified.These attacks impacted not only ...

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Country study: Lebanon

Lebanon, located in the Middle East, is neighbored by Israel, Syria, and Jordan. It has a Mediterran ... Sunni Muslims along with Maronite Christians [10, 11].Arabic is the predominant language spoken in Lebanon, yet English, French, and Armenian is widely spoken. The currency exchange rate is 1,500 Leb ... resides over that aspect of the armed forces and included institutions [10].Throughout its history, Lebanon has endured fighting and war making it a volatile region. U.S. military personnel and citize ...

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Americanism and Ethnicity: how ethnic minorities deal with the idea of mainstream Americanism

om a Lebanese origin. His parents moved to the United States to escape the war that was going on in Lebanon hoping they could find a better living opportunity in the US. After he was born in Michigan, ...

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The Middle East: Land of Conflict

There were nearly a million casualties and it was labeled the bloodiest war of the 20th century. Lebanon has had a division of its numerous ethnic groups culminating in a fifteen year long civil w ... ed the PLO headquarters in Tunis. Periodically, Israel attacks Palestinian and Lebanese targets in Lebanon, resulting in mostly civilian Casualties. The threat of Israel looms large over the Arab Wo ...

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