Ancient Egypt

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Amongst many people, the Egyptians were the least warlike. They were protected by seas and deserts, and did not need to fear about raids from other armies. They enjoyed life, and wanted it to be everlasting. Many of their main interests were focused on their family, home, and work.

Many of the towns were near the Nile River, because it was the only source of water, and it provided a form of transport. The houses were made of mud brick, and the interiors were painted lively. The windows were small to keep out the heat and bright light of the sun. Usually, houses were built back to back to save space, and provide more land, and sometimes even four stories high. Poor Egyptians usually lived in one room hut. Most of the middle class people lived in two story houses with at least three rooms. Compared to the low and middle class Egyptians, wealthy families had houses with up to seventy rooms.

The usually put wet mats on the floor to help keep their house cool.

In the families, the father was the head of the family. His firstborn son came next in line after his death. Women also had as many rights as men. They could buy and sell, own and inherit property, and file for a divorce. For kings, it was common to have several wives.

The lamps were saucers of oil with floating wick. Many of the rich people had beds, chairs, and stools, but no real dining tables. They kept their clothes and linen in baskets, and sent them to professional laundrymen to be washed in the river.

The Egyptians usually ate bread, cake, roasted beef, mutton, goose, and wildfowl. Usually they ate with their fingers. Many of their common drinks were wine, beer,