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Have you ever thought why there is a war within the Holy Land very frequently? On my view the whole world is involved in the eternal conflict, since it is the origin of the 3 major religions "“ Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Holy land has been the "Promised Land" of God's chosen people, the Land of Canaan, the Land of the Ammonites, of Israel and Palestine "“ usually at the wishes of the people who occupied the country at any particular time in history. It is one of the most controversial and interesting parts of the world, which impacts it very much. The Holy Land has always exerted a fascination for people from almost every part of the word. Over the centuries, the borders of what we term the Holy Land have changed drastically and the names by which it has been designated have also differed. Geographically, the Holy Land occupies an area that extends from west to east between the Mediterranean and the Arabian Desert and from the Lebanon in the north, to the Sinai Desert in the south.

The Holy Land interests me very much as well as peoples living there, especially the Jews. They are considered to be the smartest nation in the world. I want to share with the fact, maybe you have heard before but it is very interesting for me. It is the language the Jews people speak.

As you know the Jews didn't have their own country before the 1948, when the new state named Israel was born. And you could and even nowadays you can meet Jews probably in every country in the world. Even in my Motherland "“ Kazakstan there are a lot of Jews people who look like a Kazak, or in Russia you will never be able to...