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The following essay describes the feminist position of gender inequlity in the United States.

e inchoate stages of linguistic development. According to French feminists (drawing on the ideas of Jacques Lacan), " A child enters the linguistic realm just as it comes to grasp its separateness fro ...

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The Concept of Identity as a Product of Language. Social Theory paper, includes references to Marx, Habermas, Freud, Saussure, Lacan.

es of the social system to which we belong; we can only anticipate this situation." (Habermas, 382).Jacques Lacan, like Habermas, believed in the structure of identity. He believed that language made ...

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Julia Kristeva

tion and fluctuation between the semiotic and the symbolic is productive and necessary.Kristeva and LacanKristeva offers an alternative model to Lacan's mirror stage and his order of the Real, the Ima ... alternative model to Lacan's mirror stage and his order of the Real, the Imaginary and the Symbolic.Lacan's orders:The Real: The state of nature from which we have been forever severed by our entrance ...

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The Moebius Strip.

The Moebius Strip is just one of the many figures Lacan used to describe his topological thinking. Lacan believed that Freud had fallen into the 'trap ... cal measurement. Rather it deals with subjects that are related together i.e. in one neighbourhood. Lacan believed that there should be a way of describing the structures of the psyche which does not ... re which supersedes the elements themselves while at the same time describing the structure itself. Lacan argues that topology is not simply a metaphorical way of expressing the concept of structure; ...

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A Lacanian analysis of Edith Wharton's "House of Mirth"

twenty-nine year old virgin risk her chances for a financial and social safe-haven? With the aid of Jacques Lacan's theories in the formation of subjectivity in the psyche, an analysis of Lily Bart's ... Lily's beauty is not an indulgence, but it eventually becomes a means for her survival.According to Jacques Lacan, the two most significant moments in the development of human subjectivity and ego dev ...

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Jacques Derrida: "Writing and Difference"

struction. "Derrida can safely be called the leading philosopher in France today, and together with Jacques Lacan and Michael Foucault, the most important intellectual presence," according to Geoffrey ... hout Reserve 10. Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences, and 11. Ellipsis.Jacques Derrida was born to Sephardic Jewish parents in Algeria in 1930. He did military service in ...

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thropologist Claude Levi-Strauss which encouraged the work of Michael Foucault, Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan. These intellectualists were the most important representatives of structuralism.Struc ...

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semiotic analysis

atrical presentation of the self" meaning that identity can be transformed as the individual wants. Jacques Lacan was a French psychoanalyst and in 1936 he came up with a theory called the mirror stag ... on, London: Sage Hall, S. and Gay, P. (1996) Questions of cultural identity, London: Sage Websites: Jacques Lacan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2013 Mi ...

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Rewriting the Phallocentric in Hélène Cixous “The Laugh of the Medusa”

ality by writing from the feminine body.Curiously, Cixous relies on Freud's 'penis envy' theory and Lacan's phallocentric philosophy of employing the Medusa with snake dreadlocks (snakes are phallic s ... ideas. In a way, this is somewhat radical in that Cixous employs the same tactics used by Freud and Lacan to showcase the importance of the phallus or the penis in a 'male oriented' world. Cleverly, C ...

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