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Chronology of the Haitian Revolution

802- Convention in Paris reintroduces slavery, bringing on even more rebellions and massacres.1804- Jean-Jacques Dessalines proclaimed the independent Black Republic of Haiti in the northern half of t ...

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Five Extremely Important Figures of the Haitian Revolution

honored today as one of the founders and heroes of Haiti.-------------------------------------------Jean-Jacques was a black leader and self-proclaimed emperor of Haiti from 1804-1806. Born in West Af ... t republic and was named governor-general for life. In October, Dessalines declared himself Emperor Jean-Jacques I. He made enemies among his own followers, two of them, Henri Christophe and Alexandre ...

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Status of Haiti before Earthquake

y in 1801. However their freedom was suppressed for 3 years. Finally in 1804 Arawak triumphed under Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who gave the new nation the Arawak name, Haiti. Years of strife followed be ...

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