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Neo-Classical Art Analysis

The painting of Death of Marat shows the death scene of a very important figure of the Revolution, Jean-Paul Marat. The scene is not of a normal death. David try's to stress or even create certain f ...

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Art History~Neo-Classicism To Rococo

it was a don't ask don't tell policy.Which is pretty common to our modern world even today. Marat Assansine better known as The Death of Marat lead us into the Rococo period It too creates que ... y did the person kill him? If suicide why did he kill himself? These questions lead to the story of Marat and his assasination. Yes, Jean- Paul Marat was murdered. He was killed by a woman by t ...

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French Revolution and Feminism

Landes, Women and the Public Sphere). We see by the response to Charlotte Corday's assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, the Revolutionaries did not want an army separate from their own and were determine ...

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