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Characteristics of Romanticism

cturesque - Nature is almost a character in novels.Nature inspires creativity.''Pastoral Poesy'' by John Clare

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Comment on the way in which three poets in the pre1900 section of writing have approached the theme of love in the poetry.

mmunicate with their lover, who might not be able to or objected by their parents. 'First Love', by John Clare, is mainly about physical changes when you are in your first love; 'SONNET CXVI', by Shak ... kespeare, describes the non-physical type of relationship in true love, and finally, 'The Flea', by John Donne, which is quite differ from 'SONNET CXVI', was about the sexual love.'First Love' is abou ...

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Dwelling: Making Peace with Space and Place

e center of a ring of three of four large shared fields around which crops and cattle were rotated. John Clare and others like him who had rarely been outside their own parishes were caught in a momen ...

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John Clare - First Love English Literary essay on love poetry

imagery and great metaphors but they don't have a familiar feeling. Then I found it, First Love, by John Clare. It had all the elements I wanted. Love poetry has never been my favourite type of poetry ... pic in a different way.FormFirst Love used a non-traditional yet simple form. This might be because John Clare came from poverty and was not educated and therefore could not use a sophisticated form. ...

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Analysis of the sense of place exhibited by Wordsworth and Clare, assessing the significance of place in their ecological views.

ly thinking of ways in which he could describe and relate the effect that the aesthetic had on him, John Clare, on the other hand, simply sat and observed nature, creating his poetry purely out of wha ...

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"Poetry allows poets to give form to experiences and feelings which are difficult to put into words" do you agree with this view?

All poems in this anthology deal with expression. However, John Clare's 'I am' and Christina Rossetti's 'Remember' are two of the best examples of expression a ... ossetti's 'Remember' are two of the best examples of expression and how it fits into poetical form. John Clare's 'I am' is an example of romantic poetry that deals with death and loneliness. It was wr ... 'I am' is an example of romantic poetry that deals with death and loneliness. It was written while John Clare was in a mental asylum, and it deals with his feelings and experiences there. The first l ...

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John Clare A Self-Taught Poet

John Clare was a self-taught writer during the Romantic period. He was born in 1793 to an impoverish ... d in 1864. His father was a labourer with little literacy and his mother was completely illiterate. John Clare had a little more than the basic schooling that gave him the ability to read and write. F ... r poetry. He wrote his poetry the way he saw life, and in his style. This is what makes the work of John Clare so unique when compared to other writers of his time. John Clare's style of writing recei ...

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Agricultural Revolution In Britain

encouraged selective breeding; obviously this was a big positive on the side of commercial farming.John Middleton echoed these views and added emphasis to the advantage of enclosure, applauding the d ... n the communities fragmented and there was a loss of community feel. This is demonstrated by a poet John Clare, who experienced enclosure first handBut now alas my charms are doneFor shepherds and for ...

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Repetition, Tone, and Images in "First Love"

Repetition, Tone and Images in "First Love" John Clare's "First Love" is about Mary Joyce, the first person he ever loved ("John Clare"). He had ... silent. It's a hopeless love that he must leave behind if he wishes to be well again. First Love by John Clare takes us through the stages of our feelings on our first love in a short 24 lines. It sho ... ives us an accurate description of how we can fall in love so quickly only to have it end so sadly. John Clare uses repetition of words, change of tone and gloomy images to give us a twisted poem abou ...

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first love

'First Love''First Love' is a poem written by John Clare which tells the poets experience of falling in love for the first time. It is rejoicing t ... around. There is also use of context here as Clare states "The trees and bushes around the place". John Clare has a huge knowledge of nature and became an agricultural labourer when still at a very y ... as often torn between literary world of London and humble country origins. Nature was a big part of John Clare's life and this stanza suggests that all the "trees and bushes " seems to disappear when ...

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