Comment on the way in which three poets in the pre1900 section of writing have approached the theme of love in the poetry.

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Love poetry is mainly concerned with the emotions of love. They were very popular before 1900 because that was the time of the Romantic Era. Love poetry has always been very popular because it has a universal feeling; everyone should have experienced one type of love. During that Romantic period, people could not send e-mails or text to express their love. They have also got more free time than we have now, so that they could write more poems with limited words. Poets wrote poems to put across their emotions. They have also put their unique experience in the form of poems to help other people, who would have come across similar feelings. Writing poems have also been a secret way to communicate with their lover, who might not be able to or objected by their parents. 'First Love', by John Clare, is mainly about physical changes when you are in your first love; 'SONNET CXVI', by Shakespeare, describes the non-physical type of relationship in true love, and finally, 'The Flea', by John Donne, which is quite differ from 'SONNET CXVI', was about the sexual love.

'First Love' is about the first love that the poet has experienced. He was very nervous, as he didn't know what to do because he was not expecting it. He also described how unforgettable was his first love and what kind of physical change did he felt in his first love. 'SONNET CXVI' is about non-physical love, similar as platonic love, described a kind of very idealistic and eternal love. Shakespeare has also said that love should come from your mind, but not body even if the time is going. This made the difference with 'First Love', which 'SONNET CXVI' hadn't got any words about physical...