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The heat of combustion for one mole of alcohol.

.c stands for the specific heat capacity of water(J/GºC).s.h.c equals 4.2 because it takes 4.2 joules of energy to heat to heat 1 gram of water to 1ºC. In my equations at one point I multipl ...

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Chemisty review on mass/matter and seperating mixtures

: radiant- uv, infrared, sunPotential- storedKinetic- energy of motion-Measuring energy- SI unit of Joule (j) or Calorie-Calorimeter- device used to measure heat movements-Fossil Fuels-coal, petroleum ...

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James Prescott Joule

James Prescott Joule (December 24, 1818 - October 11, 1889) was a British physicist who was born in Salford, Englan ... n 1833, he was sent by his father to be tutored for four years by the famous scientist John Dalton. Joule soon became one of the most accurate scientists of his time. During 1838 - 1841 when he was wo ... ount of papers to 'Annals of Electricity', one of his letters was finally published. It stated that Joule found thatin an electromagnetic machine, bundles of iron worked much more efficiently than a s ...

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"Bend it like Beckham" (Film Review)

amily traditions.In spite of this, she is still encouraged by a member of a local ladies team named Joules (Keira Knightly) to attend their training sessions. As a result she begins a new life style- ...

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James Joule

James Joule was born on December 24th, 1818. He was born in Salford, Lanshire, England. Joule was born int ... nside because he was weak, shy, and had a spinal disorder. While he stayed inside he studied a lot. Joule was educated at home until he was fifteen years old. After that he went to work for his family ... old. After that he went to work for his family, but still studied part-time with his older brother. Joule and his brother paid private tutors to teach them. One of the tutors was the famous scientist ...

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Hess's Law

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Enthalpy Of Solution Lab Report Assessed on: * Data Collection and Processing (DCP) * Conclusion and Evaluation (CE)

know whether mass should be in kg or g we look at the c-value.c= 4.18 JK-1g-1.And Q is measured in Joules.J = g * JK-1g-1 * K.m must be in grams since J=J, and not J = kJ like it would have been with ...

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Fast foods

ave to run to burn off that fast food meal?A small bag of McDonald's French Fries contains 1010 kilojoules or 243 calories. Distance required to run that off: 3.9kmA Big Mac contains 2050 kilojoules o ... lories. Distance required to run that off: 7.9kmOne piece of KFC original chicken contains 1315 kilojoules or 314 calories. Distance required to run that off: 5kmA KFC Zinger Burger contains 1922 kilo ...

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