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Gillette Financial Analysis This assignment was intended to solicit a complete financial analysis of a publicly traded company in the U.S. for the fiscal year ending 2003.

77960Duracell2,3652,567Oral Care1,2701,204Braun1,0331,100$8,961$9,225(Annual, 2001).HistoryIn 1901, King C. Gillette created American Safety Razor, which was the company that produced the original saf ... le turnover, which is significantly lower than the 10.67 industry average. Inventory turnover is lacking at 2.17 compared to the industry average of 5.22, which may be deceiving due to Gillette's lowe ...

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Executive SummaryIn 1926, the year of the Company's 25th anniversary, King C. Gillette wrote of the Company's flagship product, the safety razor, "There is no other artic ... ve the way we do business every day. We communicate openly and establish clear accountability for making decisions, identifying issues and solutions, and maximizing business opportunities.Introduction ... or implement small or large changes) - How we will handle to sizing of other facilities while embarking on this new endeavor.In helping managers make the appropriate decisions in ethical decisions, w ...

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it be sound marketing policy to do so?COMPANY BACKGROUNDThe Gillette Company was founded in 1903 by King C. Gillette, a 40-year-old inventor, utopian writer, and bottle-cap salesman in Boston, Massach ... l the First World War that the safety razor began to gain wide consumer acceptance. One day in 1917 King Gillette came into the office with a visionary idea: to present a Gillette razor to every soldi ...

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