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Sequence of Chemical Reactions

Laboratory #8 The Sequence of Chemical ReactionsDrew SelfridgeDave Allen, Lab partnerInstructor Yang ... a 250 mL beaker. check the balance and record the mass of the remaining mixture in the vial. In the laboratory hood, dissolve the copper with ~ 3 mL of nitric acid. Allow the beaker to remain under th ... the hood until the fumes cease. The remaining solution should be blue. Bring the beaker back to the lab station and add ~ 10 mL of distilled water. Stir the mixture, all the while adding ~ 8 mL of 6M ...

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Chem Lab 5

Complex Part II. Analysis B) Narrative Introduction (Preperation): In part I of this experiment, my lab group created a nickel complex by using a Lewis base (NH3) and adding it to the Ni2+ metallic io ... used as ligands in order to form the complex by way of coordinate covalent bonds. A week later, my lab partner and I took the dried out Ni(NH3)2+ and began to analyze the complex. This was done in or ...

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Archimedes's Principle Submitted by: Physics Class: 210 Lab section: B Date Performed: 3-13-02 Date Submitted: 3-20-02 Lab Partner: Sample Calculations 1. W ... es of water to help understand the mechanics of buoyant force.Discussion In part two of the lab dealing with Archimedes's principle, we were comparing the buoyant force of a block of wood to i ... came up with a percent error of 6.8%. The third and final procedure used in part two of the lab was finding the volume of the wood to figure out it's density in water. By multiplying the block ...

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the effects of chemicals

In this lab my lab partner and I have observed many different chemical reactions. During this lab I have lea ... have learned more about chemical reactions and how they work. I have also learned the importance of lab safety from things like rolling up long sleeves by the bunsen burner to wafting the smell of gas ... f gases and not directly smelling them for it could cause burning in the lungs. Also throughout the lab I have learned many new ways of having a chemical reaction occur. My lab partner and I may have ...

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My Fascination with Science (Other Awards)

. Don’t do it to Mr. Whiskers!”        Overwhelmed by curiosity, I ignored my lab partner's plea and forced open the skull of our fetal cat. Although it wasn't part of our lab a ... long minutes, I exposed the cat's brain. Thirty seconds later, our whole class gathered around my lab table to glimpse the horrific scene.        Needless to say, I am fascinated ...

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