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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.

ied Saskia van Uylenburgh, who would become one of the main subjects of his works. He known for his landscape paintings as well, and he was one of the more prominent etchers of the time. In fact, one ...

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Reviews on Rembrandt and Bernini.

ied Saskia van Uylenburgh, who would become one of the main subjects of his works. He known for his landscape paintings as well, and he was one of the more prominent etchers of the time. In fact, one ... bidders would not even bother to compete for the piece.While other artists in Holland were painting landscapes and social life, Rembrandt continued to focus on the stories of the Bible. Even though mu ...

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Impressionism - Introduction - The impact of impressionism on later artistic movements, in particular Fauvism.

oflight.One of the artists, Monet, tried to captureeffects of light and weather on the spot.In the landscape paintings,Impressionists used rapid brush strokes tocapture the effect of the view.They ex ... experimented with composition -framing or cropping their paintings.Impressionists painted real life landscapes asthey saw them. They used vibrant, light colours.Impressionists applied their paint with ...

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Small Bridge, Pontoise and The Bridge at Maincy near Melun

was intended to depict the artistic relationship between Paul Cezanne and Camille Pissarro in their landscape paintings, still lifes, and some works they created side by side, during the forenamed tim ...

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Claude Monet

ny"� which is a spring painting, "Vetheuil in Summer"� that is a painting of a summer landscape, and "The Magpie: Snow Effect"� a picture winter with snow."Claude Monet has a spec ... n see his natural talent for nature and that he had helped make modern art what it is today. In his landscape nature paintings, you will notice that over the years he begins to leave the impressionist ...

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John Constable

able, a famous English painter, is commonly remembered for his unique and constant approach to many landscape paintings. He is actually much more famous in the afterlife than he was during his lifetim ... passed away in 1837.Constable became well-known by society for his consistency to create beautiful landscape oil paintings throughout his career. His work strongly influenced the French artist Delacr ...

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Impressionist Artist

yle.” He was the painter who made the impressionist movement popular and he was famous for his landscape paintings. In 1859 he studied in Paris at the Atelier Suisse and formed a friendship with ... the “Father of Impressionism”, Pissarro painted rural and urban French life, particularly landscapes in and around Pontoise, as well as scenes from Montmartre. His mature work displays empat ...

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The Use of Nature and the Natural World in Works from Constable and Buson

works use the natural world to portray these themes.Constable is considered one of the top English landscape paintings of the Romantic period. Born in 1776, Constable believed that “painting is ... aim for realism and accuracy in depicting the natural world. By accurately depicting nature in this landscape, Constable’s theme of unity between man and nature is realized. The painting’s m ...

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Explain the practice of Brett Whiteley and compare this with a more traditional artist, Tom Roberts

d this had a profound influence on his practice. He demonstrated a strong connection with the beach landscape and culture, particularly that of Australia. His landscape paintings were often abstract a ... bstract and curvaceous - representative of the female form which he adored and manipulated into the landscapes of many of his artworks. Artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh influenced the style of a ...

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