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The Horse in Art

em easier to hunt (Mittler).The earliest works of art depicting horses (figure 1) were found in the Lascaux caves in Southern France. They were painted on the walls with black, red, yellow and brown e ... sts believe that these horses were hunted for food (Zuelke).Fig. 1 Wall painting depicting a horse, Lascaux, France (King & Roundhill, 6)As well as in the caves, horses were found in various forms ...

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Art as a Mirror on the consciousness

images of their surroundings. Although painted thousands of years ago, the images in caves, such as Lascaux of Chauvet, offer the same sorts of problems and questions that are applied to contemporary ... they appear to be much more than the colorful remembering of a hunting past.The caves of Altamira, Lascaux, and Chauvet all have many chambers. The entrances are obscure and the caverns with the pain ...

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What is Art? in the context of Jeanette Winterson's "Art Objects" and John Berger's "The Pocket"

One of the most exhilarating places where we may see evidence of this today is the ancient caves of Lascaux in the Alsace-Lorraine region of Southwestern France. In those caves, are paintings several ...

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Art 100 visual art piece of paleolithic era

is a contemporary art piece that can be compared from Paleolithic times of Hall of the Bulls in the Lascaux caves. The past provides a blue print to the future; the future provides new styles to futur ... . This art piece from Las Vegas is compatible to Hall of the Bulls. This piece is located in Lascaux caves, France. The picture and information was gathered from the textbook of ART content and ...

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ht have once been painted there.6. a) When and where the first cave painting discovered? 1. Cave of Lascaux in 1941 (1500 ¡V 10000 B.C. near Santillana, Spain) 2. Altamiriain 1879 where quite ac ...

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How Can The Study Of Media History Help Us Tounderstand The Media Today?

tion of print into our society came a new social hierarchy. From the Palaeolithic cave paintings at Lascaux to the mass production of books this new form of communication enabled society to benefit in ...

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The Wonders of Blombos Cave, South Africa

of amateur drawings on the cave walls. It was not until recently that archaeologists discovered the Lascaux cave in France as the world's oldest cave painting, aged approximately 35,000 years ago -rec ...

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tih životinja su veoma sigurni i čvrsti, te su stvorenja veoma izražajna. Osim Chauveta, špilja Lascaux (regija Dordogne, Francuska) također je oslikana prikazima životinja koje se utrkuju, neke ...

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